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By vcarder - 04/10/2013 20:25 - United States - Newton

Today, I met a really nice girl at a club. One thing led to another, and she told me to meet her out front in 5 minutes. I was so drunk that I stumbled into the restroom instead, then curled up on the floor crying in despair when I realized my mistake. FML
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on the plus side, at least he didn't show up with whiskey dick and fail. Missing out is better than failing out ;-)

You really should only reply if it has something to do with the one you replied to

I have no sarcastic comment. I just feel bad for you OP. FYL

I don't know if I feel sorry for him or not. He just seems kinda pathetic. :/

I feel bad for the girl who thinks a drunken idiot even stands her up!

he's probably better off. any chick that will sleep with a guy drunk off his ass would probably give him something more than a good time

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Thanks for putting your nothing into a pointless comment.

What was the point of your comment, #4? If you have something relevant and comment-worthy (helpful to OP, for example), you post it. Yes, I realize the slight bit of irony of my comment. That sucks, OP, and good luck. I won't be an asshole and post something sarcastic.

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Lmap I meant i have nothing as in I've done something similar to this just didn't cry about it forgot what she looked like cuz i was so obliviated and walked right past her i had forgotten what she looked like until she messaged me on Facebook

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Are you 'obliviated' now, 47?

If you had gone into the ladies' room, then it would sound like something out of a sitcom.

I concur. That's about the only way this would be better.

You couldn't have just turned around and went outside instead?

My first reaction to anything ever, is always cry.

Being that drunk, he probably used all his effort just to make it to the bathroom. Walking is a hard task lol

I was thinking the very same thing...whoops this is the bathroom wtf?

Nice girls don't sleep with very drunk guys they just met a t a club

My knee jerk reaction was the same thing, then I realized how judgemental that was and kept my pie hole shut.

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But are nice girls and nice guys allowed to meet at a bar and then start dating after that?

Its really not that judgmental, if the guy was sober and they were just talking and started dating that's fine, but if she was about to sleep with a drunk guy, she's not q bad person but she's not a "nice", girl.

Hate to break it to ya, but the world is lacking on "nice" people nowadays.

it doesn't matter if the world is "lacking" in nice people (which it isn't, people just focus on the bad things on the world,) either way she's not a nice girl , but not necessarily a bad person either

Why can't she be nice if she meets people in clubs? What on earth is wrong with talking to someone in a club and liking them? I wonder if your comment would have been the same if the genders had been swapped.

I'm a girl, so why would my opinion change if I was a guy saying a girl was wrong? an if you actually read my comment I specifically said that she doesn't know specifically to be bad person she just not a "nice" girl

and also he was drunk, she wasn't just talking to him

Why didn't you just go outside when you realised?

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Because drunks are always capable of clear thought.

Well he was capable enough to realise he was in the bathroom