By William Johnson - 26/12/2013 23:57 - United States - Anchorage

Today, I went on a 70-mile drive to the next town over to finally meet this beautiful girl I had talked to online. To my surprise, she looked exactly how she did in her pictures, minus the ring on her finger and the fiancé who wanted to punch me in the face. FML
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Why would she even lead you on like that if she already had a fiancé. He should be more mad at her.

Online dating can be tough! Keep looking OP!


Online dating can be tough! Keep looking OP!

Hope the husband had a good word with his wife

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Definitely! My cousin, who's only 16 (!) was talking to a guy online. She claimed to love him and was willing to hive her virginity to him. It was insane! She kept talking to him, despite the serious talk I had with. Her older sister, who's 18 like me, would rather be instagram famous and take heavily edited pictures and talk to guys than to help her out, and her mom is too stupid! Well it turned out the dude she was talking to was fake and he was some old ass guy! I told her so. Now she's talking to another guy. She just won't listen. So please be careful who you talk to!

#35 show her the movie "Megan is missing" or something of the sort. Part of the things you see still haunt me. Maybe it'll get her to stop.

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35, she should watch Catfish. Or be on it.

#25... So long as that word was "divorce"... lying cheating bitch, would serve her right

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#35 I've met a few people for coffee that I've met on here and all three were exactly how and who they said they were. My friend however fell in love with a guy online and he turned out to be 16. (He claimed he was 22 and in the coast guard.) I think it's dependant on how observant you are and honestly... how desperate.

The only way to be absolutely sure the person is legitimate without having to travel is Skype. Always Skype.

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Great points from all of you! I always try being the big sister since I am the most experienced one with guys and sex. I don't know it all but better than nothing. 56, I have met people online as well and have never been disappointed. I agree with you, it does depend how observant you are of detail, how desperate you are, and how careful you are. Obviously my cousin isn't too careful.

Very true I think teenagers should see that movie because most don't understand the potential for meeting someone online...

Megan is Missing haunted you? It looked like a a found-footage RomCom to me!

I have a boyfriend who I met online. My advice is to be wise about online dating. I heavily stalked my boyfriend's facebook photos, making sure he had lots of legit friends and family. He sent me photos of himself and then we skyped for the first time, and he was exactly how he looked on his facebook. I saw his parents over skype, and talked to some of his friends. Online dating can be much more pleasing than a local relationship. I feel super comfortable talking to my boyfriend. The last boyfriend I had was in my school, and things didn't end well. I dumped him for being a jerk, so he told everyone I was a heartless b*tch, and lost my "friends." I didn't think I would find love until I met my boyfriend. I can understand why she would like online dating more. It can work, but she needs to be safe about it. I would say if she is happier online dating, then she is not happy with the people at home, at least that's how I feel. I wish her luck, and I wish you luck in helping her to be safe :)

I watched that movie just now. Holy shit ****. that's all I can say...

actually I would highly discourage online dating. you never know what you're gonna find. that's why I stick with the old fashioned "go outside and do something in life" type of "mingling"

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64, see it doesn't work for everyone though. My cousin is cute but she doesn't have the best body, no curves, no boobs, no ass, and is convinced that's all guys want. So all her pics are edited and if they're not, they're taken at a cute angle. That's why I discourage it for her because I don't want anyone being disappointed again like she was in the beginning! I tell her that she can't fake the funk, she has to keep it real. Oh well, she'll learn right?

Looks like you got... Bamboozled!!! Haha *oh yeah*

It's from Friends when Joey is rehearsing to be a TV game show host with Ross and Chandler as "contestants"

@52 Thats not even a word and I agree with you!

And I guess she didn't mention him. That really sucks but he should be mad at her as well cause she was talking with you and told you where to come.

Why would she even lead you on like that if she already had a fiancé. He should be more mad at her.

A friend of mine did something similar a while ago. He left his relationship status as single on a social media site when in fact he was pretty much engaged. A nearby girl noticed his "single mess" and when he received attention from her, he didn't mention his kinda sorta fiancé. The fiancé eventually found out and my friend claimed they were just online buddies, even though he had every intention of sleeping with her because his fiancé was blue balling him like crazy. So maybe that's why the girl in this FML did it. Maybe she felt she wasn't getting enough attention from guys or she wasn't ready to be tied down that she decided a "little flirting" on the side would be harmless. It never is.

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Sounds like she's currently trapped in an abusive relationship with her fiancé, who won't let her leave the situation.

What!? People can't cheat on their spouse for no reason anymore?? What is this world coming to...

If she were in an abusive relationship, she probably wouldn't have risked talking to another person online. And even if she did, wouldn't she have asked for some kind of help? My bet is that she's just some cheating ***** looking for attention and confirmation about her good looks.

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Well, that's what I thought at first - cheating. But I assume that if her boyfreind already knew about it (hence him going with her) then he would've either dumped her first, tried to stop her, or make her send a message to OP to end it. However, she continues to lead on OP, organises a meet up, so her boyfreind can beat up OP. That is the hallmark of a psychotic and aggressive man. Most likely (in my humble opinion) that the girlfriend wanted to leave him, but couldn't, was feeling isolated and lonely (ie: the next town being 70 miles)

That or she just gets off watching her fiancée beat up random dudes. She probably lies and says he's stalking or won't leave me alone etc etc and asks the fiancée to "save her." She probably has a normal comfortable life but wants drama so she makes her own. The psychotic drama queen angle seems a lot more likely than some really convoluted cry for help from an abused woman. One last thing, how is her leading OP on a hallmark of an abusive man? The dots don't connect there for me.

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#26 - Seeing as her fiancé probably knew about it (and presuming that the normal reaction is to dump her/ try to get her to stop) why would he wait, allow her to continue, and accompany her so he can beat OP up? There is some mind games involved here- most probably her fiancé wants to get violent whilst suppressing her for ego/controlling reasons. Theoretically, it could be the girlfriend leading OP on /fiancé feigning anger just for kicks, but why would they go to that extent?

Why would he need to involve someone 70 miles away when he could mentally and probably physically abuse her with just the knowledge of her talking to someone else. Most sociopathic and abusive spouses put on a great front to other people and they only "bare their fangs" at the person they are trying to control. Like I said he had all the ammo he needed if he was actually abusive and manipulative. Sounds to me like A) they're both nuts and get off on ******* with other people. Or B) she is just a psycho drama queen and gets off on seeing her man defend her from "creeps." Also if she is manipulating him he wouldn't be faking anger at all. The fiancée probably actually thinks he's defending her from some stalker.

I bet your personality type is ISTJ up MBTI, have a look. Your point and opinion are equally correct, self redemption isn't important!

I don't think they went somewhere to meet and brought the fiance along probably more of a just come to my house deal. and the girl figured her fiance would be at work but maybe he got a flat tire or called off sick. I don't see a chick bored enough to lure you into a trap to beat your ass.

#67 I'm just going to say this about the MBTI that test was proven to be a giant load of shit back in the late 90's. It just refuses to die because a bunch of people have "careers" based on administering the tests. sadly a lot of Fortune 500 companies think it works even though just about anyone in the psychology field who isn't an "MBTI specialist" will tell you the test is fundamentally flawed. If you don't believe me go ahead and do some research online, uses sources other than Wikipedia like college research databases and independent studies from highly respected psychology practitioners.

Why do I feel like they both planned this as some sort of sick joke? (The fiancée and bitch I mean)

Pretty sure the fiancé shouldn't be mad at you, but at her. She's obviously the one doing something wrong. Not you.

some guys still beat the guy up for sleeping with their girl, even if the guy couldn't have known

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Maybe the fiancé should redirect his anger to his wife-to-be who carried on with online dating after their engagement

What the hell is wrong with people these days.

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Every little thing that they can dream up