By Anonymous - 28/10/2009 05:42 - New Zealand

Today, I met up with a girl I've been talking to on the internet for a year and a half. Turns out she edits her moustache out of all her photos. FML
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Man I dont understand woman, she takes the effort the edit out her moustache in all of her online photos but cant get rid of it in real life :S


LOOOLOLOL how do people come up with this funny shiit???!!!

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at least it was actually a girl

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It's not like she has a beard. Unless its very long, not an FML.

Man I dont understand woman, she takes the effort the edit out her moustache in all of her online photos but cant get rid of it in real life :S

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Hey now I'm a woman and this still doesn't make any sense to me.... ...gross...

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Yeah, she could get it waxed...

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Isn't the girlfriend being pretty shallow, as well? She's kind of lying, too. If she planned on ever meeting him, she should have let him seen how she really looks.

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Eh. He can't AFFORD to be shallow if he won't get out and take the risk to actually meet people in person and deal with the possibility of face to face rejection. He shouldn't be such a princess about it when he's the one online dating.

i agree with, uhh, -copyandpaste- Tequilamockngbrd (: what's the point in putting up a ton of photos that don't look like you? surely you'd REALISE the person you're meetings gonna be a bit like, 'UH, OK THEN' hahah

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He might not have been online dating. Which would also explain why it took so long for them to meet. Maybe they were just talking and then after a while decided to meet and go out on a date. I know a handful of couples who met online without intention to date, myself included.

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While it may be POSSIBLE that he wasn't online dating, if he's been talking to her for a year and a half and trading pictures, they were probably "dating." And yes, I know people who've been in a similar scenario, but they met after a couple of weeks, not years.

And your pictures showed all your flaws?

I wouldn't call that shallow, for a girl, removing a mustache is basic grooming.

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I'm pretty sure I wouldn't date a woman with more facial hair than a teenage boy.

You deserved it for being so naive, AND for meeting up with some girl you met on the internet. Dude, what were you thinking? o_O

What's wrong with meeting someone you met on the Internet? You know we're in the 21st Century, right?

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lol @ all the freaks who get all whiny when you say internet dating is bad. I'm glad I'm not ugly or fat and I can date in real life. don't let the basement dwellers bring you down, holy_one.

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Excuse YOU! He never said the girl was fat or ugly. She might have been Mexican or Muslim, countries where women have dark body hair. I know several of my friends who edit out their mustache (as they call it) from their pictures and its just natural body hair. The girl might have been told she was ugly for something that is natural on her. Talk about being a shallow jackass. He obviously thought she was pretty enough to want to date in real life. So even if she did have a mustache, or dark facial hair, then all she has to do is wax. And as for you saying that only fat ugly people date online, some people are busy, or shy. Grow the **** up.

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God gave you 5 senses to choose a mate. How wise is it to use NONE of them? THAT'S what's wrong with internet dating. At the very least, it should be healthily coupled with ACTUAL face-to-face dating. Get out there and meet people. That sort of thing.

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Americayay, you assume that there is a god. I am not saying he should not use his senses to find his mate, but people also have minds and attraction is sometimes using your sense of self to find someone who is like you. There are a lot of couples who are formed through attraction of the mind before the body. Animals mate other animals that show attractive features, sure, but naturally. Which includes body hair and often times, animals that are not starving themselves. Most animals look for healthy females. So if you are going off the five senses and how god made us, I thought Jesus was born unattractive and Jewish people had their marriages arranged back in the bible. Also god says not to be of this world. So looking at a girl and judging her off "the five senses" denies that she has a soul and a worth beyond how pretty she is without a mustache.

You do realize that some of the people dating online end up getting raped right? Be realistic. This time it was just some girl with a mustache. What if next time it's some pedophile? Im not saying that this is always the case but you have to watch out for those things. Internet dating isn't safe, and it's just wrong. That's my opinion.

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You do realize that actually meeting a rapist online is rare, right? They make it seem common ot protect the few people who would end up getting hurt, but in reality, it's not nearly that common. More than half the people I know have met someone else online. Not a single one was ever raped, threatened, etc. However I do know two people who have been raped. One was by her babysitter when she was a little kid, the other by her boyfriend in highschool. Based on my experience meeting people online (for dating or friendship purposes) is no more dangerous than meeting people the old fashioned way. It is seen as more of a threat because you don't get to see the person. But in reality, the people you meet in person can be lying just as much as anyone online can. If you want to think internet dating is wrong, that's fine, but so far as 'dangerous' goes, I'm going to say 'no more than any other kind of dating.'

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I would rather meet someone who lied about their appearance than say the fifteen girlfriends they have or the dead wife in the freezer. In reality online dating might seem iffy, you have to trust your personality to get through but meeting someone drunk at a bar, a one night stand, meeting someone at the grocery store have more chance of getting you raped or giving you an STD than talking to someone online can. Its the same with blind dates, you are taking a chance no matter who you hook up with.

Rubix Monkey, have you ever actually been on a date?

or it's just fun and you can meet people anywhere, anytime. BUT the moustache thing... if they get why they edit them out in the first place.. why the hell don't they just pay $9 to have it waxed or the $29 to have it lasered.

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You do realize people still get raped, regardless of whether or not they met their rapist online or not

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I actually met my boyfriend online and many people consider me pretty. I have dated normally but I just happen to like him the most. So yes, "normal looking skinny people" can find love online as well. It's been over a year and I'm tired of hearing that crap from everyone. They just assume I can't get a "real" guy. It's ridiculous.

None of you have ANY room to judge ANYONE. **** anyone who thinks someone is right or wrong. everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.

#67 Mexican or Muslim? One is a nationality while the other is a religion. It makes no sense. Did you mean to say Hispanic or Middle Eastern?

You do realise Muslim isn't a country and you don't need to be from the middle east to be one.

So if you were a guy and you saw a girl with more facial hair than you, you would think "She probably has a wonderful personality, I'll think I'll date her" also i think you miss the 2nd point about this fml, would you trust someone that had you had never met in person, but had been lying to you about themselves?

How do we know the OP is a child/teen? For all we know he could be a boxing champion or even just an adult

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YDI for thinking she really looked like her profile picture

You've been TALKING ON THE INTERNET with a GIRL who has a MUSTACHE?!? And you didn't even know it? Oh, you poor, unfortunate soul!

this totally means no boner for a whole month xD

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just ask her to shave it dumbass

That or wax that beast. Offer her a spa treatment, that you plan out. And include in the package an upper lip waxing.

no women should EVER shave her face. wax, tweeze are get threaded. Threading is the best, but NEVER shave . Did no one teach you this?