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Today, I finally got the courage to tell the guy I liked how I felt by making him a mix CD. Confident, I gave it to him. After class, I went to the trash can to throw some paper away. I saw my mix CD in the trash. FML
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darkestnight95 3

if you recycled that paper you never would have seen that.

How would a CD of random songs you think he might like be a good way to say that you like him? You could just, I don't know, say it.


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question... how does a mixed CD show that you like a person? I'm just sayin'. I mean unless it has a crap load of cheesy 'i am madly in love with you/ closely obsessed with you' songs on it.. in which case, no offense but no wonder you found it in the trash. sorry :(

RedPillSucks 31

He's unlikely to have listened to it. Most kids wont have a CD player in class. They all have MP3 players and he probably couldn't figure out how to ram the CD into the little hole.

LovelyTokyo 0

Act like yu didn't. Ask him if he listened to it.

I know someone is going to call me "shallow" or a "jerk" for this comment, but have you all concidered how she looks? She must be under the social radar if this was what she had to do to try to get a guy, and if she was also ugly that would not help. Girls usually crush in the more popular guys so he was probaly wasn't a shallow jerk, but just a person who didn't want to be judge negatively by his peers. I know that I personally would've accepted it and listened to it just because of the fact that no girls do that kind of stuff, and this was a different kind of girl. Stalkerish maybe, but still different.

" Girls usually crush in the more popular guys so he was probaly wasn't a shallow jerk, but just a person who didn't want to be judge negatively by his peers. " um - a person who decides to throw out a CD because of how his peers may judge him is, by definition, a shallow jerk.

You've clearly been out of school a while to say that. How your peers perceive you is extremely important in school. Being nice to one person can lead to years of merciless ridicule. It's not shallow, it's just cost-benefit analysis.

Exactly, what is a CD? I still have CD's, but I have not listened to them in years since I transferred them into mp3's and use my mp3 player everywhere I go. CD's are obsolete just like cassette tapes

Sexywifey91 0

wow that's sad that people care so much about what people think... seriously it's just high school half the people in highschool years later still haven't matured.

that's just being an asshole, if someone gives me something I don't want I throw it away at my house not at school were people can see

_Vamp_ 9

I'll be damned before I am disrespectful and mean to someone because it may affect my "social status". We all have one life to live. Why spend it making other peoples' miserable? I talk to "unpopular" and "unaccepted" people all of the time to try to make them laugh a little instead of crying, because I feel that that is what is right. Until the day I die, I will never let a person who feels obsolete in the world stay feeling that way if I can help it.

SlytherinAngel 0

So he can lie to her and tell her he listened to it? lmao. That's pretty harsh..if I were OP I would just forget about it and move on. Nobody gives people mixed CDs anymore anyways.

tweetbaby14 18

OP you kinda deserve it. I mean mix CDs? no one really does that anymore that's almost as bad as mix tapes now that we have mp3s and other listening devivces. you should've made a playlist on your iPod or whatever you have. better? yes. still creepy? yes. more modern? yes.

bigblue95 0

am i the only one picturing the op as a gay guy going after a straight guy

pianogrl 0

At 35, to your last sentence, that's what she said :) hahaha and op I'm sorry :(

53: You are shallow and a jerk. : ) 56: I agree. In this case the cost (being ridiculed and maybe losing other friends or social status) outweighs the benefit (maybe making a new friend that others could have overlooked). People call it shallow because they want to make the people who wouldn't befriend them seem dumb. OP: I recommend actually asking him out, not giving him an obsolete musical compilation full of songs he can download free (albeit illegally) as an indirect token of your affection.

we all have one life so why waste it on someone else's happiness. you're probably one of those unpopular stupid Ginger ***** now go be a clown and waste your pointless shitty life.

_Vamp_ 9

Well, 102, I could go off on how ignorant and unintelligent you are, but that would solve nothing. You obviously have some problems to deal with in your own life. Otherwise, you would not have responded so furiously and disrepectfully to my post. Despite your attacking me, I'd be more than happy to help.

darkestnight95 3

if you recycled that paper you never would have seen that.

How would a CD of random songs you think he might like be a good way to say that you like him? You could just, I don't know, say it.

cbroxs17 0

well you could have songs on there that are love songs to give him a clue

r122989 0

exactly. men don't usually pick up on hints.

_Vamp_ 9

Well, we are scared to death that what you say or do means something completely different than what we think it means, which, in most cases, is true! Hints only cause frustration for men. Females are complicated beings. Don't expect us to know and understand all of your strange and wicked ways of torturing us. ;)

This sort of thing only works in romantic comedies.

MyNameIsBruce 0

It's true, we're horrible at that stuff

Or make him a new cd about how she feels about him now. I suggest you start with a song from three days grace.

It's in the garbage, right? So that means he thinks your music is garbage.

Not necessarily. It could have been the Trashmen too. ;-)

22cute 17

Maybe that's his way of telling OP how he feels.

I suppose just talking to him was out of the question? Either way, you had to know some vague outcome like this was a possibility, it's a part of life.

I would be a little surprised if a random guy came up to me with a CD. Maybe a friend started teasing him about it, and he threw it away in embarrassment. Regardless of if he likes her or not, free music should be worthy of keeping, or at least listening to to see what was given to you. There's probably more to this story.

Six years ago, when I was fifteen, I gave my crush a mix CD along with a note expressing my feelings. Obviously it was a bad idea, but my fifteen year old self didn't understand why until I ended up completely rejected. However, I was far to shy to tell him something so "important" to his face. Maybe OP is shy just as I was?

Well, Nerds, there is that. However, I tend to feel if you're too shy to tell them, then there's no point (but maybe that's because I'm older and maturer now and I'm forgetting what it's like to be a teenager). Or at least, if you are way to shy to tell him face to face, a note or something should be the way, the OP doesn't even mention making a note. However, my last point, was that however the OP chose to tell him, there was always a chance of rejection.

Confidence is sexy. So unless the guy is a total music freak or dancing freak and the music has special value for him, then it is a waste of time (see "Nick & Norah's infinite playlist"). Last time I made a mixed CD for a gal, it was because I had no romantic interest in her and she made a few comments about liking my music. That is the only time mix CD's aren't lame.

He probably got paranoid and thought that as soon as he played the CD, he'd hear a voice go "7 Days" and then he'd get murdered :/ Scary movies affect us a lot more than we think....

Too bad that the particular item you're talking about is a video, not a CD...

clivealmighty 0

wouldn't it be okay if you guys were dating... why didn't you just ask him.. he probably thought you were creepy

Nyc__Princess 0

They still do that ? make mixed Cd's ?

lmao I was wondering the same thing!! I don't know how I would feel about some rando giving me a mixed cd.. I'd be like "uhhh thanks, I have an iPod.." plus if it was a cd full of lame, lovey, sappy songs I'd toss it too. lol

ikr? pretty much everyone has an iPod nowadays lol

mellymel31689 0

duh people still do that it's not that old