By hoolabaloo - India - Ahmadabad
Today, I finally got the courage to confess my feelings to the guy I have loved for a year now in a long note. He called half an hour later and said, "I'm not going to read this crap, just tell me what it says". FML
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  CareFace  |  16

ORRR he read it, and was trying to act all "tough" and wanted her to tell him in person cause he's a hopless romantic. Don't get me wrong, I agree 100% he is insensitive; he probably "treats 'em mean, keeps 'em keen".

  Epikouros  |  31

OP is the insensitive one. Don't dump a long, emotional letter on someone if you don't know whether he's interested in you. As romantic as it seems superficially, it represents a lack of empathy.

By  plugh  |  1

Did you start out with a lot of subtlety progressing into a few paragraphs of Twillight references before getting to anything a guy would consider a point? or did you just start "Hey man, I really like you and this is what I think we should do...". In the former case I would be inclined to say YDI...