By hoolabaloo - 08/03/2013 03:53 - India - Ahmadabad

Today, I finally got the courage to confess my feelings to the guy I have loved for a year now in a long note. He called half an hour later and said, "I'm not going to read this crap, just tell me what it says". FML
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This FML post was way too long! Can you just tell me what it says?

Anyone who treats you like that, isn't worth it.


Well. The insensitive award goes to...

ORRR he read it, and was trying to act all "tough" and wanted her to tell him in person cause he's a hopless romantic. Don't get me wrong, I agree 100% he is insensitive; he probably "treats 'em mean, keeps 'em keen".

That's a different take on a dick pic

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OP is the insensitive one. Don't dump a long, emotional letter on someone if you don't know whether he's interested in you. As romantic as it seems superficially, it represents a lack of empathy.

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Umm maybe he hates reading or doesn't read well?

Anyone who treats you like that, isn't worth it.

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Some people are just not readers. He may end up being her Romeo, but is too afraid to admit he doesnt know how to read.

This FML post was way too long! Can you just tell me what it says?

I just kind of skimmed it and it says something about courage, feelings, love, and crap.

Crap you say? Well then, you know its a SHITTY SITUATION.

29 - I completely pictured your panda yelling that lol

20- Every deer looks at you with contempt.

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You deserve someone better anyway.

Maybe he has finished reading and want to hear you say it again

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I think that kind of stuff means more when it's spoken, anyways.

You loved him in a note? I'm afraid I don't understand. How does one love someone in a long note? Doesn't anyone care about dangling participles anymore??

Clearly, you have never seen the video for "Take On Me".

Actually I am confused. The word loved modifies the man and not the note because the word loved acts as an appositive and not a dangling participle.

Doc your comment is way too long, can you tell me what it says?

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It's a technology driven world, next time send him a audio clip! But, seriously sorry to hear that OP; nothing beats hand written in my book.

I wish I could say that. Everyone complains about my handwriting being horrible, no matter how much I practice

Did you start out with a lot of subtlety progressing into a few paragraphs of Twillight references before getting to anything a guy would consider a point? or did you just start "Hey man, I really like you and this is what I think we should do...". In the former case I would be inclined to say YDI...