By tdiz - 12/10/2010 04:48 - Canada

Today, I was getting frisky with my fiancée when she started talking about her dead great-grandma. FML
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omggitshayley 0

that's romantic.

You must not be too good at " frisky "


Wish creepy man.

Damn it iPhone! *Woah

Limp penis in 3...2...1...

Time for a penis pump?

"oh baby your so stiff! you know what else is stiff? my great grandma!"

And if it's NOT an erection killer, I don't wanna know.

And if it's NOT an erection killer, I don't want to know!

omggitshayley 0

that's romantic.

At least it wasn't their ex, let's hear about all your messed up sex stories lol.

3ddie_the_head 0

Whatever floats your boat.

abandon ship!!!

HamsteronA 0

don't be so selfish. console them about it.


If that is your number I feel sorry for you because 1000's of random people have it now. :)