By tdiz - 12/10/2010 04:48 - Canada

Today, I was getting frisky with my fiancée when she started talking about her dead great-grandma. FML
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that's romantic.

You must not be too good at " frisky "


Wish creepy man.

Damn it iPhone! *Woah

Limp penis in 3...2...1...

Time for a penis pump?

"oh baby your so stiff! you know what else is stiff? my great grandma!"

And if it's NOT an erection killer, I don't wanna know.

And if it's NOT an erection killer, I don't want to know!

that's romantic.

At least it wasn't their ex, let's hear about all your messed up sex stories lol.

Whatever floats your boat.

abandon ship!!!

don't be so selfish. console them about it.


If that is your number I feel sorry for you because 1000's of random people have it now. :)