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Today, I filled out an online application for a internship. I didn't have all the info I need to complete it, but it wouldn't let me leave anything blank so to move along I filled in crap answers. I pressed "Save". It sent my draft in. I now have to explain that "Jesus" isn't actually my reference. FML
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YDI op... Why didn't you just put N/A in for some answers?

Is there a more credible reference than a guy who may or may not have existed a few thousand years ago?


YDI op... Why didn't you just put N/A in for some answers?

I am amazed at the fact he could get his POC details.

When nothing else works, try Jesus

ah your parents must be so proud

Jesus is the answer to everything!!!

Is there a more credible reference than a guy who may or may not have existed a few thousand years ago?

Jesus is the answer

Basically any other reference would have been more credible.

Say your reference is Jesus, your Latin American friend.

He existed. The only question is whether or not he is who we think he is

There's evidence other than the bible that Jesus existed, you saying jesus doesn't exists, is like saying drunk driving isn't dangerous,

Statistically speaking, more accidents do not involve alcohol than those that do. I am not a fan of drink driving but you do the maths.

AnyaS 19

Actually, there is no historical evidence Jesus existed. If there were you would think he would be a part of the curriculum for history classes.

#67, All religion aside, the fact that Jesus existed is not one that should be disputed. There are many non religious historical documents that confirm that he was a real person. Anyone who argues that he never existed is ,in the literal sense of the word, ignorant. What is actually debated is whether or not Jesus is who he claimed to be. The only reason that he is not in the history books that you have been reading is simply because he is not relevant to the specific subject (Ex: American history). Next time please make sure that you know what you're talking about before commenting.

ShannonBitt 29

#67 even people who didn't believe he was the son of God testified he existed. I would assume it's not taught in history because it could be perceived as teaching religion in school, which isn't allowed as per the separation of church and state (at least in the US). Also, I don't think I was ever taught anything in history before the beginnings of the US anyways.

AnyaS 19

There is a lack of early sources for Jesus, only late descriptions of him by non eye witnesses. There is no archaeological or physical evidence. In the end, there is, thus far, no reliable evidence that Jesus was a historically real person. You also have to consider the fact that Jesus's story is very similar to the myths of Dionysus, Horus, and Mithra. Therefore, there may have been a historical Jesus-like figure, but the claims of him being real are not credible enough to warrant saying there is support of his existing as historical fact. It is ignorant to state with certainty otherwise. I don't claim there never was a Jesus, but until there is sufficient evidence I can't say he was a historically real person either.

#73, for the love of God or the universe or whatever you believe in please at the very least do a simple google search on the issue before you just spout off. If you would spend even just five minutes doing a little bit of research on your own you would find strong enough evidence proving that Jesus did exist that all doubt should be removed from your mind. Even the worlds most prominent atheists acknowledge the fact that Jesus was in fact a real person. If you do this and still believe that Jesus could have possibly not existed then I am very sorry, you are beyond help.

#74, You are the reason that atheists think that Christians are all psycho-religious people. People are putting up valid points against you and all you're saying is "Jesus was real, you're all wrong, go fuck yourself". Perhaps if you weren't so ignorant yourself you would see how unreasonable you're being.

@74, to be fair a google search isn't a good idea because there are arguments on both sides that can be found, some claiming evidence for Jesus and others saying that evidence is not enough. For something this important looking at peer reviewed well researched articles by reputable historians is more trustworthy for sources than a search engine.

#75, I myself never claimed to be a Christian. You say that people are putting up valid points against me but the only argument that has been made against me is that there is not enough evidence to prove that he existed. To this I said "at least google it" meaning, #76, not to use Google as a source but to use all of the peer reviewed non biblical historical documents and accounts that can be found using this or any other search engine. So in no way did I ever say "you're all wrong, go fuck yourselves" or anything that even slightly resembled that. The claim that I am the one who is ignorant is itself a literally ignorant claim. Ignorant : lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated. So #75, if you want to keep calling me names and insulting me please message me directly but if you actually come up with something useful and intelligent to say, you can reply in the comments. Otherwise I will no longer respond. P.S. Have you ever stopped to consider the fact that, whether you are an atheist or not, you contribute to the (inaccurate) stereotype of hard headed, loud mouthed, high horse riding, atheists?

83, whoa whoa whoa. You said to "at least google it" and then said thats supposed to mean dont use google? What? When someone says "at least do___" that typically means you do it. If your carpet is dirty and someone says "you could at least vacuum it" that in no way means "dont vacuum it at all", which is the logic youre using

Holy shit people, it can't actually be 100% proven he existed , unless you have a time machine. You can look at any historical evidence you want, but the absolute most you can get out of that is a "possibly" or "most likely" or "maybe not". There just isn't enough evidence even if there's some historical painting of jesus signed by Jesus himself and 100 other people signing off that he is in fact Jesus. Still there could be some flaws like maybe they all lied or literally so many different things could have occurred than you you can determine from ancient documents and things of that sort. Like if you still don't understand this than you need to realize that you aren't looking at this logically, and more just belief. Which nobody can tell you is wrong so have a nice day and who fucking cares

You know, this website/app has a button you can click to say that you think they deserved it

It also has a comment section where you can say your response and discuss it.

whose more credible than a guy who knows everything?

Who's this guy you're talking about? A two-thousand-year-old dead man who people thought had super powers?

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kind of deserved that one. I mean, didn't you think they would actually read the application?

Op wasn't trying to send it in, they were trying to fill part of it out, get the missing information, and finish filling it out later

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I had to complete an application like this for my current job and they are frustrating, especially when you don't know what information you will have to provide. I understand putting random words in, but you still shouldn't completely submit the application like that without knowing you were at the end of it.

They said they hit Save, not Submit. Dagger usually means "I will be back".

I agree. Computer applications are very frustrating and leave little room for flexibility. It's tough when an application throws a curve ball by asking for something unexpected. However, I can't see how asking for a reference is at all unexpected. YDI for not being prepared for the most basic App questions.

It's like when a game asks for email and you put a fake one in. Then it wants email confirmation before you can play

Pro tip to all the gamers out there: put in a Mailinator e-mail. "Fake", but you can still confirm it. If you stick with the game, change it to your real e-mail later.

Why even apply for non-paid labor if you can't do non-paid applications lol

Heliol 8

Not all internships are unpaid #12, there are many in engineering especially that pay like if you were a new full time employee. For example google interns make on average around $6,000 a month.