By WhyMe? - 01/03/2011 13:24

Today, I told my boyfriend I was leaving him because he's cheating on me. He then told me he will die without me. When I said that I didn't care, he said 'OK. I'll kill myself!' and then held his breath in attempt to suffocate himself. I can't believe I dated this idiot. FML
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my_names_nico 0

Boy, what a idiot. I really don't know how anyone could be that stupid and actually try to pull that off.


my_names_nico 0

Boy, what a idiot. I really don't know how anyone could be that stupid and actually try to pull that off.

TayonaC 10

ya all thatll do is make you pass out and once that happens you'll just start breathing again.... he is a failure in life

MrBond007_fml 6

yup, I say take him out of his misery though, just give him a gun.

CaptainDoorknob 7

It's pure unbiased immaturity at its' finest.

Haha wow. Can you even commit suicide that way !?

no. you will faint and then start to subconsciously breathe.

I don't think subconsciously is the word, maybe involuntarily.

as you try to strangle yourself, you lose air and become more weak. then your hands lose energy, then you'll give up entirely cos you have no more strength left to strangle.

I think unconciously is the word of the day here!

By the way, 32: OP said he held his breath, not strangled himself.

Hyogoko 0

eventually your lungs will force themselves to breathe and take in air

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Nope. Your brain will be like "WTF is goin on here?!" and you will pass out so your lungs can start taking in oxygen again. Impossible to kill yourself by merely holding your breath. Asphyxiation or suffocation is a different story.

I once saw someone try drowning themselves in a bathroom sink!

yeah but more than likely they will just pass out and fall on the floor.

that wouldn't work because your bodys first reaction would be to lift up and breathe. maybe the person watching him do it could have helped? lol

I was told once that you can't really drown yourself like that. Once your body starts to panic, your body will instinctively force itself up and out of the water. It has something to do with your body's natural desire to keep itself alive.

thesoccerone7 3

it actually possible but not likely. No, you can't hold yourself underwater, that is when your reflex kicks in. However, if you end up inhaling the water and it cannot get out of your lungs, you can drown.

Your instincts would be to get yourself out of the water before you actually breathed it in. No shit if water gets in your lungs you drown.

Technically, you can drown without dying. Drowning is just getting water in your lungs, the definition doesn't include dying. Just an interesting bit of information...

haha that's actually pretty funny. idk how you don't laugh at something like that.

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Is his name Billy because my ex Billy did the exact same thing.....he is crazy! lol

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Billy? From The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy?

emodude44 0

Billy? Damn! I remember that kid! I'm Grim!

styphon 5

hood strong. I love that phrase and I now promise to use it more in life

hahahahahahahah ik you're making fun of me but it was funny :D

ReginalUT 0

Some peoples kids. Go slap his mom for giving birth to a moron!

this guy's a campain for abortion all by himself!

Anaxes 5

I can see someone is on a Campaign against the English language.