By WhyMe?
  Today, I told my boyfriend I was leaving him because he's cheating on me. He then told me he will die without me. When I said that I didn't care, he said 'OK. I'll kill myself!' and then held his breath in attempt to suffocate himself. I can't believe I dated this idiot. FML
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  pingpongz  |  1

as you try to strangle yourself, you lose air and become more weak. then your hands lose energy, then you'll give up entirely cos you have no more strength left to strangle.

  Link_fml  |  0

Nope. Your brain will be like "WTF is goin on here?!" and you will pass out so your lungs can start taking in oxygen again. Impossible to kill yourself by merely holding your breath. Asphyxiation or suffocation is a different story.


I was told once that you can't really drown yourself like that. Once your body starts to panic, your body will instinctively force itself up and out of the water. It has something to do with your body's natural desire to keep itself alive.

  thesoccerone7  |  3

it actually possible but not likely. No, you can't hold yourself underwater, that is when your reflex kicks in. However, if you end up inhaling the water and it cannot get out of your lungs, you can drown.

  shaneac  |  0

Technically, you can drown without dying. Drowning is just getting water in your lungs, the definition doesn't include dying. Just an interesting bit of information...