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By Anonymous - 12/10/2010 05:16 - United States

Today, I learned that my boyfriend has narcolepsy when we were having sex and he passed out on top of me. FML
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it's a disease where you just randomly pass out unconscious


lil_miss_purfect 0

okay sorry what is narcolepsy??

it's where u fall asleep randomly tho out the day


1-it's just another N word that you want to stay away from...

Oh, ouch, that probably would have scared you shitless though when it happened, OP..

lil_miss_purfect 0

oh Gawds........ I would have panicked so bad...... like..... was he already in you or what :P

Prototype12 0

somebody got "knocked up"! hehehe

That condition would suck to have. I thought they had medications for that though?

It is a psychological disorder that causes a person to fall asleep at random intervals.

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blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah *snore*

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Naggers. They're so annoying.

finally. someone who knows the 'n word'. unless u actually meant to type 'naggers'

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There is no disorder. OP's just boring as ****.

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Another word to say away from : ******

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I love to prance around in a tutu and dance with my cat, while listening to ABBA, woooooohoo!

lol at 71 that south park was hilarious

o.o lol i had a narcolepsy accident today, not fun whatsoever and my meds dont work at this time of day

yeahhh that's why he fell asleep...lol jk that was mean

at 76 not only boring but insensitive because he may never experience love or orgasms or anything too fun because he'll pass out and she says her life sucks

A rare condition characterized by spontaneously falling asleep, usually caused by strong emotion.

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It's where you spontaneously pass out

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dead-beat boyfriend ? Lol. FHL

I hope he isn't obese or something. GET THE **** OFF OF ME TYLER YOU OBESE FATASS!!!

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when someone gets exited or scared they "fall asleep" or pass out

I think when some nods off while relaxed on a chair is called falling asleep

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you're his gf get to know him better!

clivealmighty 0

it's a disease where you just randomly pass out unconscious

i have it but most people exaggerate it ... it's not that bad and for me it's rare and it's not passing out it sleep

KY_Jelly 10

Everyone has different triggers that cause it. For some people, it may be sexual excitement and for others it may be stress or anger. It really depends on the case, and so you shouldn't make generalizations saying that everyone gets it when they're excited. At least do a little research so you don't look completely incompetant.

That's just too funny. Did you at least get to the finish line?

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isn't it you pass out when you get excited?