By justplainsad - 17/09/2009 04:15 - United States

Today, I finally figured out that when a man says, "Maybe some other time, I'll be busy then" more than once, he really means, "I don't really want to see you again. I didn't think you'd actually USE my number." FML
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It took you that long to figure it out? You must be pretty slow...

Shoulda used the rejection hotline.


Shoulda used the rejection hotline.

Only pussies use the rejection hotline

Only pussies give fake excuses.

How is saying 'no' a fake excuse?

Lets see, he didn't say no, he blew her off and she had to piece together what he actually meant. That, to me, is the pussy way out. If he wasn't interested in her in the first place, why'd he even give her his real number? Let alone a number at all?

He should've given her the Soulja Boii Hotline instead! "Good morning! Jump on up and get yo swag on, this is Soulja Boi!"

best way to dump someone ever

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"Maybe some other time, I'll be busy then" no shit sherlock, he just said he is always going to be busy.

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no u dumbasses she asked him to go someplace he said maybe some other time I'll be busy then

Hmm he's just not that into you . Moving onnnnnnn

It took you that long to figure it out? You must be pretty slow...

Or the guy in question could've had the courtesy to say what he meant in the first place. See #13.

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"i'll be busy" how much more obvious could he get without just being outright obnoxious?

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I just wish all girls could figure this out...

Or some guys could stop being a coward about it and tell the truth? It would be a lot easier for everyone.

fuck + chuck = livin' da life

I recommend you see the movie "He's just not that into you".

should´ve bought breast implants

Get an education, please.

Gee, I don't remember learning that in school.

how can you even give the rejection hotline, it's the wrong area code? i thought it was funny when i found the number on the internet and called it. but only an idiot would actually call that number and think it was real.

They have rejection hotlines for almost every state!

screw rejection hotlines, he should´ve just pimpslapped her and tell her to buy breast implants!

Why do us GIRLS need breast implants? Why don't you kill two birds with one stone and get your own?

because i like birds!

I would play with them too if you got them.

@22 - stop living

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#18. There are many many men would get breast implants WITHOUT ANY HESITATION if it was something that the lady's found attractive..

actually, its only a quote from a song :D but yea, stop living, kthxbb

when a man says "Maybe some other time, I'll be busy then" more than once, he really means Maybe some other time, I'll be busy then btw your fml sucks

That's what I was thinking.