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Today, I offered my phone number to the guy I've been flirting back and forth with all week. He said no. FML
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It's better you learned he's not interested now than when you're more me

He's not a douche, he told her straight up that he wasn't interested. That's better than being led on and lied too. It's not the end of the world OP.


It's better you learned he's not interested now than when you're more me

LoveMay 10

^Agreed At least you had the balls to do it first.

men have testicles. women have breasticles.

tell him you meant you wanted him to give it to his cute friend

22 - "At least you had the balls to do it first.". Why would he be asking for OP's number if he has no interest in her? That's like telling somebody to make you pork chops, when you know you don't/won't eat pork. Otherwise known as leading them on.

mizuki123 8

70- the OP asked the guy if he wanted her number and he said no.

You misread my comment. I know what happened.

I re-read my comment and I see where you may have been confused. I meant why would the boy ask for OP's number first, if he doesn't like her at all (in response to 22's comment).

LoveMay 10

Then why would he be flirting with her for weeks and leading her on if he DIDN'T want her number?

She might have just been having wishful thinking. Flirting to her might well have just been kindness to him

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It's hard to know when to offer and when to wait for him to ask.

lalalanono 8

Sure she can, but isn't that basically the same thing?

Well is there another word that sums up the situation better than rejected?

I was contending on how 3 'was being a dick' thus my question to get a response to see if she had a better word so that it would be less dick-like to reject a girl you have no feelings for. Sheesh.

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Chill, guys. Number 3 is just advertising Just for Men...

Well, I guess it's better than waiting ages for him to ask which was never gonna happen

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You know what? Hes a douche.

Really? The guy is a douche just because he has preference? Work on that logic.

DCFan 9

He might have already had a girlfriend and she took his niceness as "flirting". In which case he would be the greatest, most faithful boyfriend in the world... The opposite of a douche.

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Il You want to know what's really douchey? I'll flirt with girls and lead them on until they make an advance, then I'll reject them with a "Sorry, I'm gay, but we can still be friends!"

23 - Your picture fits perfectly with your comment.

I do feel bad for OP, if he was flirting with her too she probably got the wrong idea! Good luck with the next OP. :)

Or flirting a little but had a girlfriend and that he is ultimately faithful too.

Just make up some excuse to help yourself. Say he was gay. That works.

Yes really, I feel your gender or past experiences are getting in the way of you having a laugh at that comment, maybe it is really only for guys, because I found it hilarious.

I'm a guy and I rolled my eyes at it. I thought that shit stopped being funny when people hit, I don't know, 8 or 9? And really? You're bringing gender into it?

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30- No it's not a win of a comment. It was pretty stupid. The guys or girls that laugh are probably haven't got a sense of humor. No need to be biased based on gender. :)

kandi_kid69 15

"The guys or girls that laugh" Couldn't edit my comment. Didn't mean to put "are" in that sentence.

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Reread the comment Kandi. He was the one who didn't bring gender into it...

When did people in fml become such soft manginas, unlike ^. Stop being being so sensitive and have a laugh at a well thought and sometimes true comment.

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Don't take it personal. I'm sure he is just playing hard to get... Or you'll end a stalker... Could be worse?

jerseyboy732 16

what kind of guy would turn down a girls number?

Guys that aren't desperate losers, maybe? I think you meant to say "boy" though.

jerseyboy732 16

came out wrong. I mean what kind of guy that was flerting with a girl for a week would turn down her number

Reread my initial reply, then learn how to spell, punctuate, and not be a sad douche.

Oh wait, I see what you mean. Came out wrong. Well, bud, some guys are asses and play girls without wanting to actually commit to a relationship. Or, OP might have gone full clinger or stalker and doesn't even realize it. Those kinds of people lie to themselves about the real situation so they feel innocent. Plenty of those crazies around.

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Maybe the guy is married...... Or gay.

As I saw in a reply earlier: maybe he wasn't flirting. Maybe he was just being nice and she mistook it for flirting.

He's not a douche, he told her straight up that he wasn't interested. That's better than being led on and lied too. It's not the end of the world OP.

Well, she was already lead on initially since he WAS flirting with her. But yes, at least he he didn't take it a step further.

Maybe he wasn't flirting but she thought he was?

Agreed with 47, there are times when you just try to be nice to a person, and that person mistakes your kindness for flirting. Happend to me so many times, and it makes you feel bad because you might hurt the other person. For OP and the other person it's disappointing to realize that you're not thinking on the same level.