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Today, I found the purity ring I lost a year ago. Too bad I lost my virginity 4 months ago. FML
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it's ok, it was going to happen regardless haha.

i lost my virginity in 4th grade. big deal

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ydi for breaking the Jonas brother code!

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what a shame don't need a ring to tell u not to have sex

purity ring? Jonas brothers loving douche

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yea so why is this an fml? because you had sex when a pube-head and his brothers said not to?

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4th grade is noting. I lost mine in 2nd to a bagel. fml

I seriously want to read the fml in this.........I'm waiting...-_-

was the bagel good at it?? I might wanna try that sometime ya know..... jk

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Oh look i lost my purity ring. Gosh darn it i have to go have sex now..

35 wins! 16 I hope you mean by something like a bagel like 68 over here. I lost my virginity to a bottle of Proactive! -_-

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what, so you forgot to be a virgin cause you didn't have that ring? ydi.

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so u lost the ring and decided to loose ur virginity too?!?

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I got a ring on my finger to remind me what I cannot

Blue_Coconuts 7

Blah iPhone fail. Stupid thing...

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#16, were u raped? if not, then SURE you did.

keep wearing it until you lose your ass virginity

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Broke your hymen? Yes. Lost your virginity? Nice try. You masturbated. And in a pretty horrifying manner too, I'd imagine.

kenman884 2

Bagel = not a real ****** = you're still a virgin.

113 I know haha I was joking. there are actually some ppl who think that though. like I've heard girls ask if they use a tampon are they still a virgin, like wtf?

85 I believe you, once i looked up at my bottle of proactive...i laughed. The biggest one i assume?

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That's just sick if you're not lying about losing your virginity is 4th grade...

my goal was to get everyone to talk about the bagel. I succeded

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I lost mine when I was 12! haha.

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ur a **** and a ***** probably some ugly fat azn chick

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@16 losing virginity =/= kiss on the cheek. >_>

oh btw ... you ******* ***** who gives a **** if you ****** a dude 4 months ago and you found a ring saying your a ******* liar. who cares?????!!!!!

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ahahahhahahahhahahahahahha the Jonas brothers

16- 4th grade? wow yr skwl must have had sex ed hella early! lmao

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4th grade sex is sharing your pudding cup. and how is it even possible for a 4th grader to walk up to another 4th grader and say "You. Me. My place. Tonight. Bring pudding."

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Ah, the old purity ring. after me and my nf had sex, he stole it :P haha

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I lost my virginity today! I'm in 6th grade tho...

Wow, Just Cause You Have A Purity Ring That Atomically Means You Like The Jonas Brothers ?

you said the 4th grade, but how long where you in the 4th grade for?

1st should lock your doors at night. I got robbed of my virginity as well as my laptop

did you think the ring alone would keep you from losing your virginity? for gods sake it was a ring not a chastity belt. Btw OP this is no FML

BrownSugar_fml 5

I don't know, I enjoyed blue's comment. It made me chuckle.

smocks leave the kid alone,he's probably just sitting at home alone...everyone is entitled to comment however they wish.

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who makes a promise to keep ur virginity. that's the first thing a man wants to lose.

hahahaha blue made me laugh. calm down snicks.

@9 usually aren't these 'oaths' taken because the people have been forces by their parents so I wouldn't be so harsh on them breaking it. Reading the fml made me think it maybe wasn't the op losing their virginity that was the problem but the person or something like that.

9, you're just pissed b/c you're a virgin. change your profile pic to a camel, it'll look better

That's the attitude Girl... Keep it UP... This sort of determination will TAKE you to places... :-D

You don't need a ring to keep the promise. Oh I guess OP does...

getting pregnant at sixteen doesn't ruin your life bitch. no one know what it does to your life unless it actually happens to you so shut the **** up and stop thinking you know everythig cuz you ****** dont

Snickers, if you think his comments are just stupid, why don't you just ignore them? I've seen you reply to roughly 3 comments of his on completely separate FML's.

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I have a purity ring and I got it by choice.

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Hmm, for once I actually agree with Snick. She's totally right. I mean 16 is ridiculous. That's just my opinion. If you actually have a purity ring...keep your promise. If you lose your wedding ring, does that mean you're not married anymore...?

perdix 29

Good on you, snick, but you gave me an idea. I'm going to by myself a box of cheap purity rings and let a bunch of women think they've "popped the banana" (what else would you call it?) of the "40+-Year-Old Virgin."

go snick and bbyboo! I respect girls like you :) I'm not a virgin, I wish I was though. stay one util your ready :)

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snicks still has yet to lose hers... don't let her get you down!

kenman884 2

Purity rings are for people who want to take their views on sex and broadcast them to the world, as if the world gives a ****. I support waiting until you're ready and/or are with the right one, but marriage is really just a financial contract, and you're putting way more importance in it than you should. Worst of all, though, is that you're taking part in a popular subculture for no other reason than you want to fit in.

kenman884 2

You may claim your values align, but when you get down to it, those values usually consist of being a prude and being proud of it. Do you **********? Watch ****? Maybe fool around with your friends? Probably not, because you believe you need to be married to a man who'll then take care of those nasty urges for you. You're basically destroying everything women have worked for for the past 90 years. Good job.

Who the hell thinks about sex at six years old? That might be a sign something's wrong with you snick.

snick if that is so than why are you arguing with someone that doesnt have to do with the fml? also jst to make this fml "appropriate" according to snicks rules so who crs if ur a virgin or not keep any promise dnt break it cause u lost something

How old ARE you, perdix? :O And whatever happened to "comments relating to the FML"... seems like someone's let it get a bit off topic...

131 perdix is old, over 35 and has a preteen lol. and OMGIES snick you're really bi?!?! :D

yess :D omg me and you snick have a few things in common our sexual preferences, hair color, and eduational-ways(?) idk how to say that lol. except you're good at keeping your morals unlike me lol

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Hmm, I made the decision a while ago as well. :) Wait until it's someone you actually love. Haha.

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I pity the fool who knows a website so well that they know everyone and there comment style.

kenman884 2

I don't think you understand. I have nothing against people waiting for marriage/for the right one. I'd be hypocritical if I did. It's the rings themselves I have problems with. People put way too much importance on them, and usually the people who wear the rings (not people who wait) are prude or trying to 'fit in' or are pressured into it in some fashion. Maybe my data is skewed, but I'm usually very good at detecting the true reasons for bullshit like this.

Weakling? Not keeping your oath? You only get a limited time on this earth. Why not try being alive while you are still young enough to enjoy it? This is no FYL or YDI. This is just choosing to live in this world. Regret it or not at least you have done something you can learn from. Living >>> Judgement from moralistic posers on the Internet.

Well, this is just my opinion, but we don't really know what the story is here... I appreciate, and respect, that you may not wish to have sex before marriage; however, this person might not feel so strongly about it, and personally, I don't see the problem, if they are in love. just my opinion though...

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You claimed that you are bi. Getting pregnant or spreading disease isn't a problem if you decide to slam clams with another chick. So if you have sex with a woman your chances of getting pregnant, or contracting an STI are essentially 0%. Even if you decide to have sex with a guy condoms are 99.99% effective; birth control pills are also 99% effective, and both you and your partner can be tested for free at your local health center. Assuming both you and your male partner used birth control your chances of getting pregnant are: 0.1%*0.001% = 0.0001% That's one ten thousandth of a percent. Just as a point of comparison it's more likely you will be struck by lighting, a probability of 0.00016; then it is that you will become pregnant while taking birth control and using condoms. The previous poster is correct. You're values consist of being a prude; and then flaunting your prudishness to a world that doesn't care. You are irrationally denying a basic biological urge, and a major source of fulfillment in your life because of puritanical social pressure from your parents, church, or school. These people believe that you should be pressured to live a less fulfilling life because they insist on blindly following the writings of a: 2,000 year old, Jewish, zombie carpenter. But it's you're life, live it however you want.

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Amen! I'm 21 and a virgin, I waited to long. I'm not just gonna give it to anyone. Plus, there are a lot of STD's out now. Ewwwww....

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I actually took the oath willingly at age 12. and I've still kept it. it's more than jus keeping virginity til marriage. it's also being faithful to your lover when y'all are married.

It's good to see another girl with some sense. :)

I am 100% sure this is a Jonas brother

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The one who got married haha

theian01 3

The sex part wouldn't be true then.

purplemnm 9

it can't be Miley Cyrus because she lost her virginity 5 years ago :p and 4000 times since then.

kenman884 2

I applaud the spirit behind this, but you can only lose your virginity once, my friend.

purplemnm 9

she lies about being a virgin :p soooo...therefore it was a joke

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It's your own fault. You make it sound like you have to have a purity ring to keel your virginity. YDI 150%

I was about to say the same thing. Does losing your ring release the magnets holding your legs closed?

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If only you hadn't lost it! Or lost it sooner. I guess it depends on how good the sex was.