By schoolgrlstaci - 07/04/2009 20:44 - United States

Today, we had a school assembly at 7:00 pm about drinking and driving. There was a cop doing a demonstration of a field sobriety test on stage. I was randomly selected to perform a breathalyzer test in front of all the students and parents. I blew 0.06. FML
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um..what were you doing drunk at school??? ydi

That's ridiculous-- you can't say yes because then they'll know you're drunk, and you can't say no because then they'll know you're drunk. Sucks.


poopypeepee 0

um..what were you doing drunk at school??? ydi

mabye he used listerene before school that stuff has alot of alchol

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You do know that the fact that it has alcohol can increase the reading and the Breathalyzer takes from the lungs, not just from the mouth. Thats they as you to blow hard ( I know that sounds sexual ).

better yet why was school at 7 pm? its after 5 so you can't blame her

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those are some delicious abs ma'am

I think it's pretty normal to have meeting in the evening at school for things like this, especially when parents are invited

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your the fuckhead who got drunk to go to a drunk driving assembly at school. YDI dumbass.

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he probaly drove drunk to a drinking and driving assembly.

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in soviet Russia their alchohol blows .06%

have you read the listerine to cover up the alcohol fml??

actually number 226: .6 is extremely drunk, like you would probably die if you were that drunk. however the OP said .06 which is fairly drunk.

that was the worst soviet Russia joke I've heard.. :/ and I usually like them. try again!

227 *those Sorry I hate when people can't spell


0.5% is almost clinically dead level, so 0.6% would be hospitalised with alcohol poisoning and possibly dead

292 yeah that's true…but OP blew a .06% not a .6%

That's ridiculous-- you can't say yes because then they'll know you're drunk, and you can't say no because then they'll know you're drunk. Sucks.

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Showing up to school with .06? Impressive.

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i really hope you said you were on a lot of dayquil or something

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Dayquil doesn't contain alcohol...

Nightquil lol or tylenol liquid or mouthwash ect....lots of excuses

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#4... since when was a .06 drunk???? you can drive on a .08 or below....

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doesn't matter the person had alcohol in their system as a school.

244 if it's 7:00 pm then it might be a college. or a boarding school, also you can graduate when your 18, really we don't have enough details

or maybe, since the parents were there, it was a separate meeting that everyone had to go to.

Depends on where you live. In NY, if you have .01 you're considered drunk.

Just because you don't blow a .08% doesn't mean they can't get you. If the cop feels you are driving dangerously, they can legally get you at a .01%. If you blow a .00% then they can get you for reckless driving.


0.05% is the legal limit to drive in Australia. In the average male that's approximately 4 standard drinks. Just putting it out there for people

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.02 is considered a DUI if you are under 21

not everyone lives in the same country :/

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Even though people naturally produce alcohol and the levels could be higher due to taking cough syrup or something, you couldn't have blown a .06 without having been drinking. Therefore, YDI. Stop drinking and learn to write. I think you were going for "7:00 am," "field," and "in front."

Not necessarily- OP said that parents were there, which might be 7:00 P.M.

wow marykate, relax there! so the op made a few grammatical errors, who doesn't we are all humans after all. well atleast I am, notnsute about you. although i do agree with you that the op totally deserves it since she chose to drink herself.

Just like others are saying, I agree...They most likely meant 7pm. If it was am, why would the parents be there and not at work?

I think op meant field. As in FIELD sobriety test.

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I'll bet you think you're really ******* special for pointing out a few typos. Get the tampon out of your ass and stop tearing others down because you're a **** with low self esteem.

why would you show up drunk to an assembly about drinking and driving? where cops were present... dumbass, you deserved it.