By maddy - 21/1/2009 17:03 - France
Today, I'm looking for a job, and the employer I spoke to by phone was busy, but before hanging up he said "we will call you soon". I still wonder how he plans to do so without even having asked for my number. FML
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hey dumb asses sometimes people call on let's say restricted or private caller which means you can't see the number. did I dumb it down enough for youu people calling the OP the dumb ass?

  Sirin_fml  |  46

I'm glad that we have TH_Insomniak to tell us which entries in the dictionary aren't actually "real words". Those linguists and editors don't know shit, right? I only wish I could plug him into my word processor.

By  diskincluded  |  0

I hate when they lie to you like that. Sure, your number might be on your resume, but if you haven't gotten a chance to give it to them, it's not gonna help. As for caller ID, not all businesses have phones with that feature.

  lhasselb  |  0

actually, there are quite a few businesses that do not have caller ID. The operator may have the number on their main phone but once it's transferred to human resources, it only shows as a transferred call.