By maddy - 21/01/2009 17:03 - France

Today, I'm looking for a job, and the employer I spoke to by phone was busy, but before hanging up he said "we will call you soon". I still wonder how he plans to do so without even having asked for my number. FML
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^^^ Hey mister know it all, dumbass is one word :)


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exactly and if u r that stupid that u don't know what that is he isn't gonna call u because nobody wants a stupid employee

hey dumb asses sometimes people call on let's say restricted or private caller which means you can't see the number. did I dumb it down enough for youu people calling the OP the dumb ass?

^^^ Hey mister know it all, dumbass is one word :)

technically dumbass isn't even a word, it's just slang. you think the people who made the dictionary thought "hey I know, let's put dumbass in it"

I'm glad that we have TH_Insomniak to tell us which entries in the dictionary aren't actually "real words". Those linguists and editors don't know shit, right? I only wish I could plug him into my word processor.

I hate when they lie to you like that. Sure, your number might be on your resume, but if you haven't gotten a chance to give it to them, it's not gonna help. As for caller ID, not all businesses have phones with that feature.

But how would the posted know if they have caller ID or not? This is a lame FML

@3 what kind of business doesn't have caller ID? These days caller ID is a basic service...

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actually, there are quite a few businesses that do not have caller ID. The operator may have the number on their main phone but once it's transferred to human resources, it only shows as a transferred call.

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an efficient human resources department isn't going to waste time asking for numbers they can just as easily find using caller ID

Most places have your number when you call them. I'd try calling him back in a couple days if he doesn't call back.

^^^ i agree ^^^ whats the worst tht can happen? u dnt get the job? of he hasnt called YOU, then u probably wont get the job anyways, u have nothing to lose :)

sorry but umm its called CALLER ID and umm ur one of the kinds that are not good at lying 10/100 srry :(

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sounds like you wudnt want to work for someone who treats a person like that anyway