By hhhhhhhpeterwut - 19/02/2013 03:21 - United States - Bethesda

Today, as my lame excuse to not give a guy I met at a club my phone number, I told him I didn't have a cell phone. Guess what I checked when he asked me what time it was a few minutes later. FML
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darth1 18

You should have just straight up said no.

JR_Goes_Rawr 11

That guy is pretty smart to trick you into revealing your lie. You could have told him you were holding your friends phone, or something like that.


Should have said Helen Hunt and walked away.

It is a Family Guy reference. You say Helen Hunt as an expression for turning down an offer. It's from the episode when Peter puts out a fire and gets a lifetime supply of free burgers, and it flashes back to when he turned down Helen Hunt for sex.

darth1 18

You should have just straight up said no.

She just wanted to string the guy along with false hope. God, I hate those ones....

Not as simple as it sounds, I hate awkward situations. However, I guess this got more awkward than it would just saying "No".

chlorinegreen 27

She probably was just trying to be nice and not completely blunt by just straight up telling him no. Probably was a situation she had to think fast and made a stupid mistake.

my excuse was always 'sorry, i have a boyfriend' even when i didnt. much easier and more polite than saying no or making some pathetic excuse

spekledworf 18

Some guys don't get strong hints, and even when you say you have a boyfriend they definately don't always respect it. Saying no sounds easy but it can be very uncomfortable and make the situation awkard.

Some guys take rejection really badly so you have to be careful how you reply. Tact is a fickle thing.

There are way too many guys who either yell at you for being a heartless bitch who refuses to give a nice guy a chance or take "no" as a challenge. I have yet to have a guy accept a straight-up no until I played the psycho bitch card on him. Even then, some guys see it as a turn-on. And they say women are difficult!

gloooooria 14

60- why would a stranger, who is a nice guy, yell at you for turning him down. Goes to show you made the right choice by saying no. And why can't we just be honest? Why do women feel pressured into lying? Why can't we answer politely with, "I find it very flattering but I'm not interested." And that's that. It's the truth. Things might be awkward but awkward shouldn't over take the truth. The truth really does set you free.

Men in clubs can get extremely aggressive if you reject them. You're right, people should just be able to truthfully say they're not interested, but sometimes that's neither effective or safe.

gloooooria 14

That's true. Some men do get angry when turned down, and what? Punch a girl in the face? Call her names? Push her down? Make her feel bad? If that's the case, why on earth are women even at these bars/clubs where these men are, so called men because real men don't treat women like that. Or anyone for that matter. If the situation becomes aggressive or turns left, then you turn right and walk away. Doing what's right isn't always easy but it's always right. If a situation like that wants to be avoided altogether, start from the beginning and don't go to clubs.

shan88 14

71 while I see your point and agree to an extent, I don't believe women should have to stop going out to have a good time because some men are assholes. You can usually tell which ones will take it the wrong way so in that situation I believe lying is better then putting yourself at risk if an embarrassed angry douche retaliates

gloooooria 14

I agree with you, they shouldn't stop going. My point is women are afraid to say no because of retaliation. And that's not right.

No. The men who are harassing and assaulting women are the criminals, not their victims. They need to be kicked out of clubs the second they are spotted, and society as a whole needs to stand together and tell these men their behaviour is not acceptable. It is not the responsibility of women to hide away at home where their very existence won't "provoke" criminals.

@#71 - If women decided to hide from these men, we would never leave home! Unfortunately, if they behave that badly in clubs/bars, they will still approach a woman the same way at the grocery store, library, mall, gym, and any other public place. Alcohol might loosen the tongue and lower inhibitions, but most times, the badly behaved male actually hasn't had much to drink.

That's that shit I don't like. 1) Don't lie and make up some bullshit. Just say "no." 2) Don't take a dude's number or give him your number if you intend to do nothing. It's both a disappointment and a waste of both people's time.

LeoCor 19

Well some guys can get really persistent and annoying and even a bit dangerous if you just say no...

It's so awkward to say you don't want to give out your number, but if you're going to lie, best come up with a better one than that. :)

Tell him everything on the phone is spoilt except the clock. Usually works :p

chlorinegreen 27

Problem is that she probably still has a phone number to give regardless if the phone is working currently.

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Vanessa_Leeann26 17
JR_Goes_Rawr 11

That guy is pretty smart to trick you into revealing your lie. You could have told him you were holding your friends phone, or something like that.

Well at least he was probably too pissed off about you lying to him to want your number in the end.

KareBear7364 5

okay every girl knows all you gotta say is you're a lesbian.

wouldn't that make him want you more? just say that you're pregnant, that should do the trick!

The pregnant one wouldn't always work either. Some guys are attracted to pregnant women.

What if you're a pregnant lesbian with herpes? That one works wonders for me.

littlemsweirdo 12

Should have said 'time for you to get a watch' Lol, I ******* hate when people say that.

That pisses me off too. The one that makes me wonder if their retarded is when they say " a hair past a freckle" are you serious?