By JJ_V3N0M - 03/01/2015 10:48 - United States - San Francisco

Today, it was my girlfriend's birthday, so I decided to take her to a fancy restaurant and give her an expensive $400 necklace that I had bought. Being traditional, I asked the waiter to arrange it nicely on the tray when he came with our dessert. Neither he nor the necklace ever showed up. FML
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Damn, hopefully the restaurant had security cameras.

Some people are dicks. He was one of those people.


Some people are dicks. He was one of those people.

incoherentrmblr 21

On the bright side, at least he didn't spit in your food...

I'd rather have somebody spit in my food rather than take my $400 necklace .. Just sayin'

badluckalex 23

Or ya know.. neither.

aur maybe it was a sign from God that don't get too involved with this girl ....

iLike2Teabag 27

More like a sign from Satan that the waiter is a ********.

Damn, hopefully the restaurant had security cameras.

Well he already knows the waiter stole it, so that's no mystery, and the waiter likely knows where the cameras are, so...

Just because he knows where the cameras are doesn't mean he has access to them. And I'd get the manager involved, he may not be able to do much, but he could at least fire the guy

Hopefully the restaurant knows who's working there...should at least know the name of the waiter...

littleteapot 21

Hopefully he was actually a waiter and it wasn't like one of those situations where a customer in Target mistakenly asks a person in a red shirt and khakis for help.

MxAxRxCxO 30

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Five finger service.

More like sticky finger service.

#14, I can only think of 1 finger to give

HighasaCloud 46

How is this comment buried? Has nobody heard of sarcasm?

Nope , on the internet, sarcasm is taken literal and opinions are fact, unless the opinion is yours... then you just get verbally abused for having one.

I don't think that is traditional but anyway simple fix talk to the manager they will know who he is.

I was gonna say the same thing, I don't remember seeing the waiter serve a necklace in the old black and white movies.

later we will find out the guy he gave the necklace too didnt even work there.

I guess he was imitating how when people propose at a restaurant they frequently have the ring hidden in the dessert or drinks. Although I don't know if that necessarily counts as "traditional" either...?

yeah FML indeed, but just talk to manager, its obviously someone on staff that night, theyll find him easily.

iTzSelverZz 14

Well, that waiter waited for the right opportunity.

I would have rethought giving a $400 necklace to a person that makes roughly minimum wage, or to any stranger for that matter. It was awfully nice you tried to do those things for your gf though.

You'd think people would be smarter than that... I guess not! Sure he stole maybe a weeks wages, but now he's most likely jobless and probably in trouble with the law.

If the restaurant is high end like op says the staff isn't making minimum wage

The OP said he took her to a "fancy restaurant". Most of my friends, plus myself, work in the service industry. Don't think some don't make an insanely amount of money,(far from just minimum wage). If that was his case, I doubt the waiter would risk his job for a piece of jewelry. You think the OP wouldn't complain and try to get him fired?

JustinJK 21

Yeah, can we not make it a point that just because they have a 'lowly job' that they're more inclined to steal. I've waited tables at nice restaurants and I work retail now at a high end store in an upscale mall. I make two dollars more than min wage + commission. Plus, my parents pay for my school out of pocket, my apartment, and for my car. There's no way I would risk a criminal record over a measly necklace. None of my coworkers would either, nor would a lot of the waters and other retail workers I know. Just because there's a bad apple or someone doesn't make a lot of money that all of us lowly workers would stoop to petty theft. Sorry tl; dr rant

50 - although i agree with your point, your example about yourself is pointless because you say your parents pay for your apartment and school, so wouldnt be in dire need of money like other people

MrsLighthouse 8

#56, I'm a single mother who pays all her own bills and money is tight, but I would never consider stealing OP's necklace because a) it's a REALLY stupid move and b) I'm a decent person. It's less a matter of wealth vs poverty and more of a decency, morality and ethics thing. The waiter was a scumbag. That's all there is to it.

JustinJK 21

@56 - I agree that I'm fortunate enough to have affluent parents. But it's a broad judgement placed on people regardless. I had an irate customers yelling at me recently and then they told me to get a real job or whatever. and that I'm incompetent because I'm "just a retail associate". One of my fellow associates works two jobs, one full time and goes to school. She has to, but she wouldn't steal either. Just because you're broke and don't make much, that doesn't supersede your morals.

Garnetshaddow 30

I'm with everybody else who commented. I work at a gym. I'm the lowest paid employee (my manager hates me.) You would not believe how much stuff people forget to lock up or leave on the floor. I've picked up phones that are worth more than a paycheck. I've never taken a single item. Being tight for cash isn't an excuse to steal something.

I've been a waitress in a 5 star restaurant, I've handled a $10,000 engagement ring before, I made sure my manager was aware of what was going on at the time and the ring came at the exact time.... Just because I wasn't making a tonne of cash, doesn't mean I'm tempted to steal A: dick move B: $10,000 isn't enough to support me for the rest of my life after no one would hire me with a record. It has nothing to do with a persons wages and everything to do with their morals and ethics

JustinJK 21

Yeah, it's really common for people to do this with jewelry. My dad did that with my stepmoms engagement ring. The op was just very unfortunate to have a slimey server. I can tell you that you can't really get a truly valuable necklace for 400 dollars, maybe semi-precious stones. Working retail I see a lot of expensive designer necklaces that only sell for that much because of the name associated with it. they're nice, but the thief is going to be in a rude of awakening to see how little he'll get trying to pawn that. We sell 4-500 dollar sunglasses that are worth only the designer label. Guy lost his job for less than a paycheck.

I'm sorry to hear that, hopefully they'll catch him. People cannot be trusted.

So who showed up with your final bill if your waiter was MIA?

If my 400 dollar necklace gets stolen, I'm not payin for shit!

Why are people stupid. I'm sorry this happened to you on a special night. I'd talk to somebody ASAP