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Today, it's my 17th birthday. I asked for a newer car because my car right now sucks. I got a book on photography. I don't own a camera. FML
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Wahhhhhh. So let me guess, your parents have already bought you a car last year and you want another one? Do you really think money grows on trees? Buy your own car, mooch.

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You sound spoilt. You're 17 and own a car, you should be happy enough.


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Whoever gave that gift to you must've not been the brightest bulp on the shelf.

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this FML keeps switching comments around =/

Definitely Mercy. I wanna take a ride on your disco stick. ;D

You already have a car. You're a spoiled brat. GTFO my internets

Ditto to #45. OP, you're 17 and asking for a 2nd car on your birthday? Spoiled much? Enjoy your book (I don't mean that just sarcastically, either. Appreciate a gift. You never know, maybe you'd like it).


theres so much wrong with this I'm not sure where to begin. I guess I'll start with the username. Civic4life? Really? GDIAF. I'm sure you riced it out plenty, too, with one of those wet fart sounding mufflers and all. secondly. you're 17. feel lucky you HAVE a car to begin with, asshole. I'm 22 and have no car. I do, however, have a job. maybe you should look into getting one, instead of expecting everything to be handed to you. I mean, honestly, "BOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! MY WIDDLE JAP P.O.S. CIVIC SUCKSSSSS!!!!!!!! MOMMMMYYYY!!! DADDDYYYY!!!! GET ME A NEW ONE!!!!! AND MAKE SURE IT'S A CIVIC!!!! I ONWY DWIVE CIVICS!!!!!! CIVIC 4 LIFE!!!!!!! PWEASEEE!!!!!!!" hang yourself, you little shit. boo frickity hoo. get a camera, if you find the photography book THAT useless. to sum up, I'm with redbluegreen and Mercy on this one. (Pretty normal, actually.)

Thanks for saying everything I wanted to say so I don't actually have to type it out, _THE_MASTER_. :D

While I agree he's a whiny little bitch, and shouldn't expect a car for his birthday and all that.. What I don't agree with is Civic's and Japanese cars are great cars. I have a 95 Mitts 3000GT VR4 and a 95 Civic EX Hatchback. Love them, and they could smoke almost anything I've seen on the road. So do your research, or DIAF. Maybe his username is what it si because he WANTS a Civic. You sound racist to me, it makes me sad for you.


I'm not a racist, but honestly, these kids have no idea what a great car really is. I like good ol' american muscle, personally. used to have a Charger, and that could most definitely take any Civic on a straightaway. before that, i had a nice Hemi Barracuda. the way cars sound these days sucks. high pitched, as i described before, wet fart, sounding mufflers are the most irritating things i've ever heard. give me the growl and the rumble of a 440 or 502 Hemi any day of the week, and put your rice burners away. 162, I wouldn't put it past you and OP to 'pimp out' a 2001 Taurus...

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As much as I agree with you on the sound of american muscle cars, I must add that they are prettty useless around a track. And not being sarcastic, what american supercars are there? I honestly can't think of any. There's probably an obvious one that I just can't think of.

Gotchya. When knowledgless kids try to soup up their imports, they often think that by putting an amplifier on their muffler it sounds good. It sounds like autotuned bee on a microphone. I have never added amplifiers on my imports, I let the engine speak for itself... and they growl! Of course old Chargers, GTO's and the like are going to have great sounds... doesn't mean they are fast at all. Pretty positive my Civic with Acura b18b engine swap would make an interesting race with any of those generation, and the GT would kill them.

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Hahahah! Best reversal I've seen to date.

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sell your car and buy a camara, then you wont have to bitch that you just turned 17 and your car sucks. Or you could just get over it, get a job and buy a better car yourself. Brat.

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THE MASTER i completly agree with you and the people saying that the old muscel cars dont have power are crazy what was the 440 rated at 400 horses? and what about the civic stock its what 160hp and with pretty much every mod its about 250 horses. The old cars win everytime BTW the 2ng gen hemies were all 426ci not 502

@the 13 yr old #227 1. Your a kid still. Please go to school and leave us alone. 2. Almost a "Real" teenager. I'm sure you think you're all old cause you're 13 you little prick 3. Haha your a poor mofo. Ur 3rd class cause u guys can't even afford freaking breakfast (I'm sure its all spent on spoiling ur ass)

130 you pretty much summed that up for me. THANKS! Although I'd have added more rage=P @OP: WHAT THE **** IS WRONG WITH YOU when you actually have a car during a recession and you're asking for ANOTHER one because yours 'sucks'?! I mean really, you're the most spoiled little brat I've ever heard of...

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Of course, once you hit a turn, the good old American muscle keeps barreling straight into oncoming traffic/the guardrail/insert-other-solid-object-here. I appreciate American cars for certain qualities of theirs (and dislike them for the lack thereof of other qualities), but your definition of a "great car" is frustrating narrow-minded to me. Also, there's something about the brutish inefficiency of most American cars that just bugs me so much. I look at something such as a Mustang and think "It took you 4 liters and 6 cylinders to get 200 horsepower when the Japanese can milk 276 horsepower from an engine the same size as a bottle of Mountain Dew? Way to go."

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this is the honest 17....i own an which my mom got a loan to paying the for the entire loan and insurance on the car....i had to pay for a new engine because the old one blew up....i had to pay for a new ecu, harness, alternator, and axles all on my own....WHILE doing this on a mcdonalds pay....civic4life u need to quit being such a whiney bitch....i live with my mom and thats is tight as hell for us and ur spoiled ass is complaining because u cant get a new car? your a damn guy go fix ur car if it sucks!

LOL, well, you could sign out and give him another YDI. I gave him two. Once before I logged in and once after.

"Maybe his username is what it si because he WANTS a Civic." "Si" is a type of Civic. Freudian slip?

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that sucks : happy birthday though!

OP that sucks...............they should give you a book of pornography not a book on photography

#66: Nice one :D And to OP: If your car is running and not in immediate danger of falling apart, shut the f*** up...

agreed. You're 17, you have a car and be grateful. I'm glad they didn't get you a new f'ken car.

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what does any of that have to do with my comment?

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#66, your comment would have been that much better if you had been #69...just sayin'

#238 Nothing. They just wanted their comments to be seen.

Wahhhhhh. So let me guess, your parents have already bought you a car last year and you want another one? Do you really think money grows on trees? Buy your own car, mooch.

agreed! when i was 17 i was stuck with NO car! so be happy you've got something when most 17yr olds dont have anything!

yeh its so true! i'm 18 and i dun have any car at all... thats cool with me, as i use public transport anyway, but surely this guy shld be fine with his civic for a fair while! id love a car like that! if anyone "deserves it" its this guy... literally

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This guy probably shops at the Stupid Spoiled ***** Store. Why would anyone complain about having a civic anyways.

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I was just thinking maybe more people would've voted 'FML' and he may have gotten more sympathy if he had left out the second sentence entirely.

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You sound spoilt. You're 17 and own a car, you should be happy enough.

A Honda civic, nonetheless, which are very long lasting and dependable

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I have a civic in a rich town, I'm 17. Not the best car, but great mileage and gets the job done so I'm not complaining

Dude, your Civic will be fine as long as you don't rice the **** out of it with blue paint, flames, a spoiler, and rear brake vents. xFASTxFURIOUSx

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dude, you already have a car, don't be so selfish. most teenagers have to pay for their own cars.

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While I dont think you deserve a new car, a book on something you dont do/have kinda doesn't make sense.

don't be a greedy little *****, i'm lucky enough to have gotten a car at 21.

maybe the book was a hint that u shld be finding something useful like a hobby to do with ur life rather than whining :P

WIN! @OP: Wow FYL... not because you didn't get a car, but because your parents brought you up to be a spoilt whiney little bitch then didn't come through and fulfill the expectations you have of them. FYL because if you can't at 17 appreciate that you HAVE a car, your life is going to be very unfulfilling. FYL because the world hates 17 year olds - especially whiney little brats like you.


Spelling depends on the country. Funnily enough in Aus (my country) both ways are accepted

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so you could say they got him that book because they pictured his life headed a different direction?

#385 Oh my god **** you. It was funny to some degree, but **** you. (used endearingly)