By azmom - 27/03/2012 17:51 - United States - Phoenix

Today, I dropped off my 19 year old daughter at her first job. It's at a strip club. FML
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anastasia1229 0

Ummm parenting fail?

At least she has a job. Honest living at the end of the day. They pay taxes like the rest of us.



Dude, in this shitty economy, getting any job is like getting a job for the Queen of England.

anastasia1229 0

Ummm parenting fail?

Who knows, maybe the mom works there too.

Could be a family business.

MargieDrury 1

I'm pretty sure the girl chose and the mom had no say. How would a parent influence her daughter To be a stripper then put it on fml.

^It could be because of guilt. Maybe the mom works there, but feels guilty that her daughter followed in her footsteps. It's the same principle as people who smoke telling their children not to do it.

It's not really a fail.. The girl is smart enough to take advantage of men for a lot of money.

^As well as sacrificing her secure health situation (STDs still exist)

74: Not all strippers are prostitutes. If you follow the rules of most reputable strip clubs (looks but don't touch), your health STD wise is safe.

74 Actually they're called STI's now

I'm friends with a few strippers and they do what they're comfortable with. If they want to get their kit off they can, but they can just walk around in underwear. Some people are really desperate. Stripping pays well and has hours that are good for people who are studying. As long as the women are in control it is 100% their choice.

spekledworf 18

Seriously, OP, why? Are you ******** me?

Bassmaestro - actually they're not called STIs now. They're still STDs, though STI is synonymous. The only people who say that are the ones who don't have any clue what the **** they're talking about.

Haha i luv reading ur comments docbastard.. Lol

Woww... What a faill -_- you are her mom! Do whatever you can to not let her stoop to that level...... if thats her first job who knows what shes going to do for a living....... Just saying :]

Sorry Doc, you're wrong. They're called STI's. Sounds like you're the one who doesn't know what you're talking about.

@Madi, considering that he's a trauma surgeon, therefore having a lot of experience in the medical field, I would assume he knows just A LITTLE MORE about this stuff than you do. Just a guess.

I agree Cad6. madi, who the **** are you to argue with/act like you know more than a certified doctor? He obviously knows what he's taking about....I'm afraid you're the one just spewing shit. Do us all a favor and stop commenting on the topic.

MargieDrury 1

Let's be nice. No need to name call.

Acronyms can't be synonymous...

I'm sorry but are you defending a dirty low life job? Do you work at one too or something?

henrygondorff 2

Heard from a comedian "I don't know what makes a good parent but if your daughter works as a stripper you did something wrong"

138 - OP's daughter is 19, therefore her mother has no say in what job she has. She can bitch about it all she wants (hence the FML), but she can't do anything about it. It's her daughter's choice.

Let's address a few points here. If you have ever sat through a BBP class it is called an STD. STI may be used interchangeably. If the girl decided to become.a stripper, it is her decision whatever the rational might be. Not all strippers are toothless cesspits of disease. I have known many girls who have worked in strip clubs. They have done it for the money. They have been able to subsidize college without having loans. A few of them are doctors. Several of them are nurses and one is a cop. For the most part the beer girl at the dance club wears less than most strippers and probably goes home with more customers than the stripper. Most people on here seem to be fairly liberal, but for some reason you seem to have flipped on the prude switch. Get over yourselves.

I know we're horribly off-topic here, but this isn't the first time someone here has said that STDs are called STIs. According to whom? Do you think the term "STD" has some negative connotation that STI doesn't have? Yes, acronyms can be synonyms. Put another way, they are interchangeable. So please don't try to tell me what the "correct" medical term for something is. I'm fairly certain I'll win every time.

Pics or it didn't happen

you don't necessarily have to be stripper to work at a strip club. You could be a shot girl/drink girl (it's called something like that). A friend of mine was. She doesn't specify in the post so it might not be AS BAD of a parenting fail

desireev 17

170- A dirty, lowlife job?! Really?! I've danced for years and NEVER EVER done anything dirty of any sort! I've NEVER touched a man, let him touch me, show my downstairs, etcetera.. Yes, there are some dancers who do dirty, nasty, despicable things.. But that does NOT make the job a 'dirty lowlife job'!! It is a perfectly legitimate, legal way of making money! 90% of dancers follow the rules and don't cross the lines... Quite frankly, good, clean dancers are the LAST women to put out! They aren't going to do anything stupid enough to lose their dignity, take a chance of catching something, getting pregnant, or thrown IN JAIL! No girl grows up saying "I wanna be a stripper when I grow up!'. 99.99999% of the time, there is a DAMN GOOD reason why a woman decides to start dancing! My reason was to save up money so I could leave my medically disabled sons abusive father. I knew I had to leave him for my sons safety and my own.

desireev 17

Dancing put me through my schooling to become an RN. And now I'm the most successful 21-year-old that I know. I have completed my schooling and I'm now a Registered Nurse. I own my own house, 2 vehicles, a taxidermy business, and a hydrographic-dipping business. And my son has everything he could ever want or need... WITHOUT any help from anybody! By the time I'm 27, I'll never have to work again! And I owe it to my good, clean career as a topless dancer! And I am NOT a lowlife! I'm not just speaking for myself. I know many, many dancers who did the same as I did. And now they are very successful women who are, also, NOT lowlifes at all! Think about the words you say. Everyone does what they do for a reason! It does NOT make them a lowlife! Asshole!

196, That's not news, FML has always been a cesspool of prudism. Even the thought of open relationships would be incomprehensible to them. It has a lot to do with their age, lack of life experience and sheltered upbringing.

Idk about u. But I rather be a broke college student with a min wage job then to disrespect n lower myself by showing my body to the world. I have two jobs. Pay my bills n going to school n it makes me happy knowing it won't bite me in the ass later. But have ppl see that i busted my ass for where i am today and know I'm a hard worker with determination then take the easy way n have horny joe be happy for my stupid choice. Ppl do ask questions about what u did for work n in the past.

How to solve a problem. Be a stripper.

desireev 17

275- And when people ask me of my previous employment, I'm not ashamed to tell them. I live in a small town smack-dab in the middle of the Bible-Belt. Everyone in my town knows that I'm a dancer. But I am a very well respected woman in my town. Because everyone knows my reasons for dancing and what dancing has given me. You say that a dancer isn't a 'hard-worker with determination'? I'll tell you what determination is! Determination is doing what you have to do to make sure your baby boy is being fed, taken care of, and seeing his specialists regularly.(Which is 3.5 hours away, mind you. Try making those trips 3 times a week!)

274 - Or it could be their morals and beliefs, and their ability to hold strong to those unlike the lacking generation of today.

desireev 17

Determination is doing what you have to do to make it through college to ensure a better life for your medically disabled child. Determination is doing what you have to do to make sure that you and your child have reliable transportation to and from his doctors 3 times a week, have a roof over your kids head, have lights for that roof, have food in his mouth, and clean water for that baby to bathe in. Determination is doing what you have to do, no matter what it is, to get what you want in life. What I want in life is for my son to never have to worry about anything at all. He is medically disabled with gastrointestinal problems. He has enough to worry about. I was determined to 'lower myself', as you said, to guarantee a better life for my child. And I worked my ass off the whole time! So I think I'm just another 'hard-worker with determination'... Just like you. Except I'm not a close-minded, judgmental ass like you! :)

Not closed minded. I have a sister who I love very much, used to STRIP. But she found other ways to have a honest living cause she didnt want to be that example to my nieces. Rasing them on her own while dealing with what they needed Showing them u can more with ur mind then shaking ur ass.

From my point of view, who calls it "downstairs" is totally retarded and anything but grown up.

desireev 17

292- Well excuse me for being a lady and calling it my 'downstairs'! Would you rather me call it my 'pussy'?! Sorry, but I am a lady! I don't talk like that! :) comment

desireev 17

So you tryin' to say that I'm not a lady? Lol Why say 'no comment' if it's just another ignorant comment?

284, Being stubborn self righteous dicks is not an attribute that is lacking in todays generation. My comment stands.

186 it was Chris rock

275, I know you probably put a lot of effort into that comment, but in all seriousness, absolutely nobody gives a shit what you think about the choices they make that have zero negative impact on anyone. None. You can keep your puritanical nonsense, the rest of us are just going to continue living in reality.

Wow guys, this was all a great read. To each their own, some people strip and some go see strippers.

desireev 17

Yeah.. And then some sit around and bash on strippers like they're sitting there on the other side of the screen being perfect...

Desireev: you go girl! It's been a little inspirational reading all your comments. So good to know there are some decent parents out there that would do whatever it takes to give their kid the best life they can. You are awesome.

186- If she were dropping her prostitute daughter off to meet a John, then yes she would have done a piss poor job. But dropping her off to work at a strip club is not so bad.

True. There are loads of jobs and career out there, it's up to you weather your determine to work your way to chase a job of your dream.

How is it a parenting fail? Some women strip to pay off their school debts quicker. Seriously earning up to $1000 a night? Some people really need that money.

Desireev, in regards to 313 I so agree, so many damn hypocrites. Nobody is perfect, people need to grow up. Off topic, I wish OP would tell us what job she was doing!

So true, who would let there kids do that?

Aug1508 9

If the mom really disagreed with her daughters decision, she wouldn't be supporting it by dropping her off at the strip club.

GingerSnap83 0

Desireev I commend you for doing what you have to to take care of your child! None of the strippers I've met (as an army wife you meet quite a few as that's the easiest job to get near a military instillation) none of them had values like you! Though I could never strip (don't have the confidence nor the body) its not my place to judge people. You did what you had to to take care of your son and get the 2 of you out of a bad situation. As for you people saying she's 19 she can work where she wants. Not if she lives under her mothers roof then her mom does have a say! "My house my rules i don't charge you rent so you need to obey my rules" is what my mom always said

TheHOSShaha 0

I wonder if I'm the only one who realized that it doesn't say the OP is the daughter's mom, it could be the father.

Fiskerz 0

QQ topless stripper

Maybe the OP is a waitress or bartender.

TSN619 7

To all you ignorant People saying that stripping is so bad and degrading. Fuck off, the odds are that you have either watched somebody strip or you've watched ****. With that being said strippers aren't horrible low life's. If a stripper respects herself and the rules she is doing a job to make money. If a woman is comfortable with her body and she decides to show it that's her business. On top of that girls send naked pictures to their boyfriends/ girlfriends all the time and no one judges them. Desireev much respect for you and everything you have done for you and your child.

GingerSnap83 0

There is a huge difference between stripping and send make pictures to your significant other. I'm not against strippers as I've stated before but if i send my deployed husband pictures of me nude I am not showing my nude self to anyone but him. A strippers job is to Dace naked in front of men. Two totally different things.

twinkletoes747 16

As a Dancer I am proud to say that Being a dancer does not lower your self. If anything, it brings your self esteem up. You have men who are willing to pay just to spend time with you. Some want you to dance for them, others just pay to sit and chat. Yes some girls do dirt, but the other 99% of us don't. And pride ourself on that. I make just as much money without having to do anything but dance. I attend university for a CRIMINOLOGY degree, live comfortably on my own.. I don't have to live home, or rely on mom and dad to pay my bills, and I still have time to study. There is nothing illegal about stripping, and absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. If you have a beautiful body, why not get payed to show it off? It beats working my ass off with two minimum wage jobs that barely pay the bills. I could go on forever on the positive, but I'm sure that it really doesn't matter to you.

darcimckeown 3

the mom should have taught her that she's good enough to get a real job.

DKjazz 20

To tell you the truth, if I had the body for it, I'd strip. Dancing is a sport and an artform. It sounds like a great way to stay in shape, and it would probably do wonders for my stage presence as a jazz musician. Unfortunately, I'm a rather chubby male. :

Does she do birthday parties? In particular, my 20th? Lol jk

Pictures or it never happened.

AcidRaen 4

So...what's the difference between a model and a stripper? Basically one thing...they dance. Models have to pose nude or half nude. If it pays good money then why not let them do what they need to and stop judging. If you're gonna judge people for being nude for the enjoyment of others, then why don't you judge models too?

desireev 17

383- You are correct! Pole dancing is about to become an Olympic sport! (I'm so excited! I can't wait!!!) On another note, I am so glad to see everyone coming out and saying what they've said! Like I said before, nobody grows up saying 'I wanna be a stripper!'. But dancers always dance for damn good reasons. It's refreshing to see the level of understanding among the people on here. And, for that, I thank you! :) And thanks for all of the personal compliments! I do what I can... Thank you guys! :)

Zoh_Aubrey 8

My aunt stripped for 20 years (god she still looks good) and she and her four boys never went without, no food stamps or section 8, she got married and now she sponsors events at KOD (King of Diamonds in Miami) and rack in 30-70k every month. Shit she's paying for my schooling and she pay taxes like everyone else.

its not cuz shes a stripper tht shes a prostitue most strippers only dance naked an no more !

low life job maybe yes but its an actually good student job when u come to think of it and strippers dont do what they dont wanta do

Nekro_kat 1

Stripping isn't prostitution. No penetration goes on in strip clubs. You don't get an STD by looking at a naked chick.

TunechiXXL 0

421 - I don't know about that for sure, my wife said that the reason for her herpes was from riding the bus : /

Cmon.... Are we really thinking strippers are real people?

388, the difference between models and strippers is anyone can take their clothes off at a club for money.

Desireev, you are an inspiration to us all, never give up :) and the problem here is that a lot of people generalize and look at the few who make mistakes and decide that everyone is like that, this is probably even part of why the mom even wrote this FML is from not completely understanding what her daughter was gonna be doing

And I have to say, right now looking for work I am envious of the daughter in this, but being a guy makes it a bit of a difficult job to get

And I have to say, right now looking for work I am envious of the daughter in this, but being a guy makes it a bit of a difficult job to get

Umm.. U got pretty amped huh? Lol

Diiiiiiiidn't you say you stripped? I'm sorry, but someone who stripped at one point should be comfortable enough saying the word pussy and shouldn't act like a high-class lady, lol. Not trying to look down on you or act all high and mighty or anything. Also, for those of you saying the mom has no say: the mom doesn't have to let the daughter live with her and the mom doesn't have to drive her to work. As long as you still live with your parents they still have some say. Lastly, to the STI/STD debate: OH MY GOD WHO THE HELL CARES

Squishypenguin 0

I was going to thumbs up this comment...then I saw 666

You have been successfully trolled Desiree

Is her name Maria by any chance?

And the dad might own it.

At least she has a job. Honest living at the end of the day. They pay taxes like the rest of us.

detroitsucks247 3

I think its great that at least you are not making her feel bad about herself when she is probably just going there for a little while to make some extra cash.

And she let her do this!!!!!!!!!!! The ****..

Lil_Red777 21

She's 19 OP has no say what her daughter does.

She has a say in it. It's just that a 19 year old wouldn't listen, or she doesn't give a ****

87- She has all the say in the world. She could just not drive her. If she gets her own ride, she can do what she wants.

wlddog 14

Not to be picky, but I don't think they pay taxes on their actual gains. How is the tax man gonna know how much cash Miss Leather got last Friday night? Course I could be wrong.

22cute 17

Yeah, you are wrong. Strippers pay taxes just like waiters. It's the tips blank on the tax form. And yes it's good honest work. Athletes make money off their physical abilities, artists make money off their skills, ditchdiggers make money off their brawn. So dancers make money off their sexiness skills. Fair enough!

I agree with 22...I know someone who did soMthing similar to that for some quick cash...but now they do it permantly...I guess they figure....why do hard work in an office or out doors...when you can get paid well....doing somthing easier ...but then again...her daughter might just need some extra never know...

It still beats the hell out of running into her at work

It's legal and they pay taxes. Times are tough. I hope its not her career track though.

They pay you for working there and the rest is just tips I guess

It sucks that OP had to drive her daughter there however her daughter has a job. Maybe she is using this job to pay for college we don't know. And hopefully the daughter isn't using the money to pay for her kids. Also at least her daughter is not a hooker. So as far as I'm concerned OP could have it worse.

166- Were you having an asthma attack just then while you typed? What's with all the pausing in the middle of sentences?

You people have issues if you call that honest living. Like saying your daughter is a stripper and a man your age grabs her, fondles her n such. Maybe sex if she or even he is that desperate for money. Be a loving parent and help your kid. Not make her lower herself for something that stupid. I know so many ppl who regret doing that. They wished they went to school or just did the hard real honest work.

desireev 17

129- Yes, we dancers do pay taxes. We have to file our taxes quarterly so it isn't a huge mess. And we actually pay out-the-ass on our taxes... Only to have a very small tax return during tax season. And how 'they' would know about 'how much cash Miss Leather got last Friday night' would be to audit the club owner. The owner has to keep track of any and all income that is made in his place of business, just as any other business does. (If the owner doesn't keep track of the dancers incomes, then he's doing it all wrong and can get in BIG trouble!) It is a perfectly legal, legitimate job. It helps very many women AND men in financial struggles. We pay our taxes just like every other hard-working American does! People, seriously, need to stop being so closed-minded towards dancers. We are just like every other working person in America. We work hard, pay our taxes, and do it all to take care of our family.

Oh you must be so proud OP.

Llamacod 11

Yankfan, what difference is it what she does with her money? If she has kids and this is her way to support them, does it make her a bad mother? No. You people need to get your heads out of your asses and realize that dancing / stripping is not dirty - these people aren't prostitutes. And how would a waitress or bartender that is offered money for sex any better? It happens, I had a friend that back in the day, accepted cash for lap dances and she was a bartender. I am pretty sure she had even had sex, but I don't judge as it isn't my business

270, I doubt someone as judgemental and close minded as yourself knows a lot of strippers. I doubt you even know one.

uncivil 5

Do you not realize that working at a strip club doesn't just mean you strip... She could be a hostess or waitress

dumbledoobie 0

...they invented these things... Called commas.... It's what you're supposed to use... When there's a pause... In what your saying... Not endless ellipses....

337 - they invented this thing called grammar, YOU'RE probably going to need to learn how to use it sometime soon.

294- I was not critiquing her for her job I understand stripping is not a dirty profession. All I'm starting is a lot of people her age are getting pregnant in hopes of an MTV show filming their lives. If OP's daughter does have children and this is how she is supporting them then I respect her for getting a job and handling her responsibilities. Sorry if my previous comment implied anything and I have removed my head from my ass.

Llamacod 11

Its ok yankfan, I didn't mean to come on so harshly. I was just trying to say that just because one strips doesn't make them dirty, scuzzy or disease ridden. If the have children and are good mothers then I think it is great if they can take in big dough and work only a few nights a week and spend the rest of the time with children. Also, its just as likely to find a waitress or bartender or shoe saleslady or (full in the blank with whatever "honest" job ) who is dirty, whorebag as it is a stripper

colby42 0


detroitsucks247 3

I never said i approved of it but it is her choice, she is 19 and an adult.

detroitsucks247 3

Sorry if my comment was misleading I wanted to say that shes 19 its her choice shes an adult, life goes on. Having a daughter that becomes a stripper when shes 19 is not something 13 year olds are meant to understand.

Plus, she never said she was actually a stripper. ...Though it was implied... But strippers make a shit ton of money that they deserve for being brave enough to be the center of attention in a room with hundreds of people while being simultaneously spat on by our ignorant society.

Maybe you can get staff discount?

TheFamilyElf 17

(assuming op is a man, though there is equal chance he/she is a woman) His daughter works there. Awkward much?... I mean unless you're into that.. That's uh.. That's cool too.

^I'm pretty sure that the OP is the mom, considering that the OP's username is azmom.

Wilson, you incest loving piece of crapa. You should be shot for being a blight upon society.

My name is when I saw your scared me

EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thts just gross i would not wnt my rents basically watching me strip. Thx for comin, have a nice day.

^Wtf is your comment supposed to even mean?

Oh shit! Don't tell me you're and incest loving piece of "crapa" too!

And? Strippers are people too. It might not be an ideal job but it's a start.

Or just staph...

At least she'll be paid more than minimum wage

And the tips can't forget that, I usually pay with monopoly money. :D

That's when you say "Hell no!" Turn around and go home... if you're that type of parent.

144 that's a blatant waste of expensive gas!

Inheritance 10

I'm curious where she works..

littlegold 7

That isnt good.

bizarre_ftw 21

No! Really?! The fact that it's on FML and a clearly socially demonized profession left me without a Clue as to whether is was a good or bad thing

SkittlesPhotos 0

I'm sorry

fyl but maybe shes just watressing. at least she isnt prostituting.

TheDrifter 23

Parenting job #4... keep your baby off the pole. Waitressing there is good cash though.

I feel that if she were just waitressing, this wouldn't be on FML

I guess you're hoping that she doesn't make money there

Even though I would absolutely hate my daughter working there, I would never wish for her to not earn money. Then she would resort to worse things than stripping just to pay her bills.

If she wasn't making money at her job at a strip club...wouldn't that mean she's stripping for free? Yeah, I'd rather have my daughter take her clothes off for money rather than take them off for free.

desireev 17

125 and 214- I just wanna tell you that you two ladies are in my top 5 of favorite commenters! Very well said, from the both of you! :)

293- you just made my day!

desireev 17

Glad I could! :) I swear that every time you comment, I, literally, couldn't say it better myself. I'm always thinking "She SOOO read my freakin' mind!!!". Lol

pinkcrayola 0

Mom of the year award

thenoobftw 3

You don't say.

First job at 19 as a stripper... I see a bright future!.. Not

anarchistpunk 3

She'll have a bright future..stardom on Pornhub.

Who said the daughter was a stripper? When I was 18-19 I used to work for dancers and clubs but I wasn't a stripper! They would fly me all over the us to work for there clubs over the weekend at a big event all expenses paid for first class seats ect. I was a hair and make-up artist.