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By DerrickUhl - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United States - Napa

Today, I finally turned 21, so my friends and I decided to go to a club. There, I met this hot waitress and we were really hitting it off. I ordered a drink. She replied, "No problem, kiddo." FML
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Don't want to be the bearer of bad news man but she's a waitress. I'm pretty sure she always "hits it off" with guys: more tips.

TarieBoo 2

obviously if she was still getting you your drink she doesnt really think youre a kiddo?


TarieBoo 2

obviously if she was still getting you your drink she doesnt really think youre a kiddo?

BunchieRules 31

I was thinking the same thing; she obviously knew OP was an adult or she wouldn't have let him buy the drink. Maybe she is older than OP and was just teasing him, since he just turned the legal drinking age.

That lack of hesitation and that she didn't even ID you is a good thing. So I don't really think she thought you were a kid

OP could be over-analyzing; maybe she calls everyone "kiddo"

You are in a club. Maybe she is not literally calling you kiddo, but she's got to call you something, so she goes with kiddo

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French_Toast_fml 3

15-Since he's already in a 21+ club, she wouldn't ever have to ID anyone because you have to be 21 just to get in the door.

I feel like after OP submitted this FML, she came back with the drink, they continued 'hitting it off', and they went to his place and had the best sex of his life. Or he got her number. That too. But I just think he took being called 'kiddo' a little too personally.

xoconnie 8

Honestly, some people just use names like that out of habit! I wouldnt worry about it if u were actually "hitting it off"

Maybe she was older than him so that would make him "kiddo"

I took the fact that she called him "kiddo" because he just turned 21, and she found this out when she ID'd him. Therefore since he's "barely legal" she thought it would be funny to tease him. She is probably a little older than him. 28- It doesn't say that he was in an 21 and over club? I have been in a club that is 18 and up. So yes, they still have to ID you..which is the next thing I was going to mention, it doesn't state she didn't ID him.. She in fact, probably did ID him... I worked in a 21 over club as a cocktail waitress, you still have ID every person. Because, some kids under the age find a way in. It is illegal to not ID somebody and you can lose your job.

bizarre_ftw 21

Or she's a cougar that looks Really good for her age

fromthesuck 8

If you're going out for your 21st birthday chances are just about everyone that is out will be older than yoü. So grow a little thicker skin.

I'm with you on this one, 22. I used to call everyone kiddo at one point. Now I don't, but my point is that she was probably doing the same thing.

Don't want to be the bearer of bad news man but she's a waitress. I'm pretty sure she always "hits it off" with guys: more tips.

minus20 4

I love you kbeatz forever and always

hockeyoceancity 13

27- I bet anyone would love your profile stripper, so beautiul, she has nice curves! Could you maybe... you know... introduce me to her?

27- Your cow stripper and OP would probably hit it off great! :) Edit; Oh shit, 39 beat me to it mentioning the stripper cow...:( oops.

Do what I do, don't give her just a tip. Give her the whole thing

I don't really see a problem with that. If anything it should only be a really small blow to your ego because she seemed to only mean it nicely.

Exactly. Op is of legal drinking age now. Who cares what one waitress says?

TarieBoo 2

Even though the term she used is normally directed to a child he apparently didn't look like obese if she still got him his alcohol.

33 what would him being obese have to do with a waitress doing her job?

Wow. Auto correct fail. I meant he apparently didn't look like one if she still got him his alcohol drink. Sorry. I'll go hide in my corner now. :(

She was probably just screwing around with you. But lots of wait-staff are nicer for tips.

Or it's a term of endearment. "Here's looking at you, kid."

You don't want them old bitches anyways. ;D

And what's wrong with a hot older cougar? I'm sure they're good at what they do and they sure could teach you a thing or two ;)

Well Op just tell her age is just a number. You're in the club already so she knows you're old enough.

And speaking of numbers, OP should have ask for hers ;3

It's crazy that you need to be 21 to drink In America! :)

That's usually what happens when the waitress is old enough to be your mother, you cougar hunter, you!

Cowboy1986 4

Nothing wrong with cougar Huntin it's alot of fun

Drizzelhell 3

Maybe after you blow the webs and dust out.

Some guys I know call women a bit older then cougars but still hot Battle Cats.

17-I'd rather not deal with battle-worn pussy, if you know what I mean.

tekcor 2

You are still a kid. You'll understand in a few years.

Well she's a waitress, mate. In that kind of job, flirting or being nice can get you extra tips. That's usually the only reason they do it. She probably 'hits it off' with most people who come into the bar.