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Today, my 14-year-old daughter told me she's pregnant and plans on dropping out of school to live a life on the road with her boyfriend. FML
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Time for some strict parenting! This is your chance to set her on the right path, to define the rest of her life :)

At least there's a spot for her on MTV.


I give up on this generation

I give it up on the first date or after a drink.

I don't want to get your hopes up, OP, but is it possible your daughter is not pregnant? If this is her idea of a good plan for the future, she may not really know much about the reproductive cycle either.

You should give up on the generation that raised us...

dDailydDosage 8

That's the damn problem. That's why kids in this generation are the way they are. We've given up on them, the parents who raised them tried so hard not to be like their strict parents that they're not parents to their kids at all. They want to be their best friends. News flash: kids need their parents, not friends. And they don't need to stop being parents no matter how old the child gets. Teenagers still have a lot to learn, young adults still have a lot to learn. When you become a parent, it shouldn't be like signing a 18 year contract, it's a lifetime commitment.

amandathemermaid 19

My mom is a parent to me, but also my bestfriend. Here I am, graduating high school with no kids and have been on birth control for over 2 years (when I got with my current boyfriend who happens to be the only man I've ever slept with). It has a lot to do with the parent's and the child's morals. If the parent doesn't teach that kid to respect itself then they won't.

rae_siah_3x 17

Teen pregnancy happens in every generation.

Suaria 38

I am also around your age. I am also graduating high school with a 3.8 GPA with three APs, going to college and only kissed and slept with one guy who I've been with for about a year and a half. I'm not pregnant. On the other hand, my parents weren't really parents to me. My mom is an alcoholic and doesn't admit she is one, she tries to control everything in my life, and most likely has depression and some anxiety disorder. My dad has a short temper and doesn't always listen to people and often brings his work home. How the kid develops does not always correspond with how their parents raised them. There is a strong correlation between how a kid is raised and how they act but it isn't the deciding factor in how a kid develops.

#147 - I hope you paid particular attention to mine. ;)

I'm seventeen and still a virgin. There's still hope. :')

@unscrupulous nice one dude. Be proud of making the right choices in life and keep it up. The world needs more people like you :)

actually the problem is all the whiny babies giving out medals and trophys and awards to everyone who participated, reguardless of how hard they worked. the problem is never telling your kid ''no''. letting the internet raise your kid and not spending the time to teach the damn kids. I always thought it. was funny how old people would say that the next generation was bringing the country down. now a few generations down, you can see that they were correct. Dont you guys think this would be a much better place if nobody had to work for anything? wouldnt it be great if we took from the people who worked for what they have or were ''lucky'' enough to be rich and gave it to the poor? its like a teen with a car they didnt earn. they dont really appreciate it. they drive it like crap and dont take care of it. they may appreciate driving but not what it took to get the car.... same as life. this generation SUCKs! bunch of whiney baby bratts. and there are exceptions to every rule.

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if i had a quarter for everytime someone says theyve no faith in our generation id have enough money to fix the economy their generation ruined.

Teen pregnancy was actually worse in the 80's-90's than it is now.

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Kick her out? Really? She's 14! Doesn't matter if she's pregnant, or has unfortunate life goals, she's still a child!

OP didn't say that the daughter was getting kicked out. OP said the daughter plans to drop school and live on the road.

#30, I think #23 got that. It was more of a response to what #3 wrote.

HeadlessSparrow 20

well she is planning to live life on the road anyways...

3- Ah yes, throwing a pregnant 14 year old out onto the streets. What a great solution!

she ****** up her life just help her get out

How is growing a pregnant child out on the streets going to help anyone? She isn't even old enough to get a job. What she needs now is a support system (and to get her head out of her ass, but making her a homeless child and mother would more than likely exacerbate that exact issue.

Time for some strict parenting! This is your chance to set her on the right path, to define the rest of her life :)

SarahSehhati 40

There must be a reason why she is doing this..... maybe listen to her and be more understanding. Sometimes parents are too strict and push their young away. Maybe one day soon just listen to her problems and how she feels about life, about her life.... hope everything goes well op :/

dDailydDosage 8

It's never too late to do the right thing. May be too late for the perfect outcome but never too late to get the best outcome you can get.

Reading this post and then reading your username was an all-around fantastic experience. 10/10 would read again in the same order

AurumPotestasEst 16

Your username makes your comment hilariously ironic!

Congratulations. You've succeeded as a cool parent.

Parenting is an extremely hard thing to do. Too much discipline, sheltering and instillation of fear leads to kids revolting, and on the other hand, too little discipline leads to kids with no boundaries and getting into trouble more. I don't know the situation with the OP but what I will say is that something went wrong somewhere...I don't know who is to blame, but a parent should have an idea if their 14 year old is like this. And what I mean by this is if the teenager is always at party's, out late, not studying. dressing inappropriately, etc.

I have pretty much no rules, except do stuff when I'm asked, and I'm fine

gabby_john_ 15

She can't be with her daughter every single second of her life. Half the girls at my school are not virgins and their parents know and don't care or they don't know at all. She did the best she could

That's precisely my point 52 -- the parents don't care. The ones that truly do take time to educate their children and discuss the subject openly.

lost my virginity at 15. still a human being and good person. I know, you're shocked.

#5: Why would you assume that a pubesant adolecent child making idiotic choices, like anyone their age would and DOES as they have no experience, and therefore, no concept of how the world works, is the fault of their parents? #111: Cool story homie.

Kids need to be taught to only have sexual intercourse when they're ready. Ready being having the ability to accept the responsibilities of raising a child should something go wrong. They should wait till they can drive and have a job before considering sex. Sorry OP that is not a good situation. Hopefully your new granddaughter/ son will learn from your daughter's mistake.

There are a lot of options to have sex without the worry of getting kids nowadays. While I wouldn't promote sex for young kids, there's nothing wrong with wanting to experiment before you're all settled to have children. Obviously, they would still have to be old enough to take the responsibility of using protection and seeking medical help should they suspect something went wrong (e.g. morning after pill).

Hormones kick in waaaay before they secure a job and most teens don't manage to resist forever. Yes, they need to be told to only agree to sex when they are ready, but they also need to learn how to prevent unwanted side effects like STDs and pregnancy. That way when they do have sex while still in school it won't affect their lives as much.

At the highschool i went to, they taught us about planned parent hood, using protection and bc, and to be careful of stds. While yes i know most teens won't wait until they're in their twenties I'm just saying to wait until you're 16-17, can drive, and you have a job. That way should there be a break in the condom or faulty bc or some other unforseen reason they can have a little money and a job to support the child should they choose to keep it rather than abort.

'I know there's lots of ways to prevent pregnancy nowadays kids, but just in case you should wait to have sex until you want a child' lmao

danceinconverse 25

That's true only if they are against abortion. Otherwise, as long as they did everything they could to prevent pregnancy and STDs and they happen to get pregnant, they don't have to take care of a child. Many women aren't ready for the responsibility of a child until they are 40, if ever, and that's why abortion is an option for not just teens. In today's society it's not acceptable to have children until you are at least 20, but biologically, most people are ready and wanting intercourse by even 12 sometimes. Don't blame teenagers for having hormones they can't control. While it's true that teens are able to suppress them, with so many contraceptive and STD-preventing options, they don't always have to. At the end of the day, if an adolescent wants to experiment sexually, they will whether you want them to or not, because it's their body and therefore their choice. The most you can do to help us educate them on safe sex.

To be honest, I don't think there is any point to expect kids / teen to wait to be financially independent before starting being sexually active. It’s not going to happen. Parents should focus on teaching their kids about safe sex AND the consequences of unplanned pregnancies.

Also to follow whatever the legal age of consent is in that state

yes, because only females are responsible when a child is made. it takes two to tango.

You are right 14, but unfortunately it's only the female and her parents that cannot avoid the responsibility.

That's not true at all. What happens when a female gets raped? "Oh you could have prevented it. Take birth control even though you're not in a relationship or planned on having sex. You should have gotten plan B even though you were unconscious or trapped in a house for over 24 hrs. Get your uterus removed. Have an abortion." Why is everything the female's responsibility? If you don't stick your phallus or byproducts in her intimates then no one even needs to take actions of prevention or ejection to begin with.

They are making a MALE birth control pill soon so you can't say that it's only our job to prevent pregnancies in a few year. It really does take two to tango.

I could say the same thing about a son considering this FML I mean they're talking about a road trip so the boyfriend is presumably 17 at least, if not 18 in which this is statutory rape. Either way he should've known better than OPs daughter and should not be planning to take her from OP..

I hope you don't get one. You dont deserve one.

#7 Your comment is why you shouldn't get kids at all.

FMLusername969 21

Ahhhhh....totally out of context.

pretty sure the sarcasm was lost on #57

66 - where i live you can get your liscense at 16, so uping the age and claiming statutory rape is just you making things up. "17 at least" is inaccurate. lets blame men for everything why dont we. sexist

it takes two to make a baby, so unless op was raped, its both parents faults. THAT is gender equality.

I was responding to #29, not #14.... And I took what he said personally because of my past relationships and people around me.

#66 At that age, their cerebral cortex hasn't even formed all the way, kids are stupid, they probably aren't even thinking. From all the information provided, we can't know for sure, but I doubt he's 18. By living on the road, she may mean living from place to place, it doesn't necessarily mean living out of his car.

#66, why do you and a lot of others assume they planned on driving? If these two geniuses came up with that plan, hitchhiking probably seemed perfectly logical to them.

184- Well, using that logic, the knowledge we know of the cerebral cortex's functions is limited to say the least, and is not fully developed until your mid 30's. 14 year olds may be young but they're not ignorant to what life has to offer other than children. To both 184 and 161- Regardless, my assumptions were exactly that, assumptions; obviously I cannot know, however, my response is based to show the other side of the story after the original commenter denounced wanting a daughter and not children in general. 161 let's not attack my comment as being 'sexist' because I challenged the idea that the daughter is solely to blame, if you refuse to admit both the daughter and boyfriend hold responsibility then you are the being sexist and close minded. Do not bring equality issues into a conversation it has no place being.

She is still a minor, so doesn't she need OPs permission to drop out?

I think in most states you cant until 16 anyways.