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Today, I missed my dentist appointment. I couldn't attend, because I was too busy puking my guts up due to a bad reaction to the pain medication I'm taking for my toothache. FML
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I'll bet the puking took your mind off the toothache!

Maybe if you read the FML you'd know why that advice is invalid...


Looks like OP is fighting "tooth" and nail. I hope you "braced" yourself for the pain though...

HERE I AM ! Inject me with some Novocain!!!!

Fyl for not having a single friend who could drive you. Poor friendless (soon to be toothless) person

What makes you think OP is friendless? It's kind of difficult to have someone poking and prodding in your mouth while you're vomiting.

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Well, you probably didn't eat enough. Ydi.

22, you are so f*cking ignorant OP can't go b/c they can't drive but because THEY ARE ******* PUKING, they can't have a dentist shoving shit in their mouth if they are sick

I don't think any dentist should shove shit in their clients's mouth.

From someone in the medical field let me say... Bring a bucket in the car (duh) when you get there, there is anti-nausea medicine the dentist obviously has. And even then she would probably be put under for surgery and anesthesia makes the digestive system (puking) shut down anyway.

#73 Not with that attitude they won't.

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Did you perhaps puke on a train platform?

I think "bad" might be an understatement....

Mmm, yes. I imagine (if it were even possible) that puking one's "guts" (intestines) out would be a colourful sight to see!

I'm pretty sure the majority of the colors would be red......

If you puked your ******* guts out there would be undigested bullshit and ******* crazy shit in there. Not just some shitty ass blood red.

What a funny random argument, there would also be purple-blueish parts for organs and brains (from the medical shows I've seen). Docbastard should clear this one up!

The dentist is the place where evil, evil people go when they die. I'd say you're better off with the toothache.

Or even puking your guys out, anything to escape those instruments of torture that they call tools...(I mean seriously who wants a DRILL in their mouths!)

Ummm thanks for helping me keep calm ! I have to get a tooth pulled tomorrow

It will be okay. Most Dentists work on the "no pain" virtue. Most. :)

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1. We don't use "drills" they are called hand pieces (used for removing decay-aka: cavities) 2. We don't "pull" teeth, we extract them And 3. People who don't visit the dentist regularly are usually the ones who complain of "lots and lots of pain , torture , etc.

Wait, where does it say anywhere in this FML anything about the dentists skill?

@ #6 you should reread the FML, nowhere does it state that op went to the dentist, the first sentence clearly states that op didn't see the dentist cause he was busy puking!

Maybe 6 knows OP's dentist peronally and knows the dentist is a nice person. It's the only logical explanation.

ugh, idk why my comments are ending up in the wrong places. lol

Well, if you make the next appointment, then there won't be any more pain!

It seems many people DIDN'T actually read the FML in their rush to be top commenter today.

I read the fml. If they deal with the problem then op won't be in pain from the tooth ache, then they won't have to take the medication that makes them sick.

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How the ****'s OP supposed to go get the problem fixed when he or she is vomiting? Just admit you made a stupid comment, instead of making an even more stupid one.

I'm talking about the next appointment, and hopefully op won't be puking then. Then when it's fixed they won't have to deal with it any more. I was trying to cheer op up, sorry if I offended you.

82- he said "the next appointment". I think it's safe to assume that after having a bad reaction to the pain killers OP was taking, he/she stopped taking them. The puking will stop eventually and then OP can go to the rescheduled appointment, have the tooth fixed, then it's safe to assume the pain will be gone. Unless said tooth is removed or a root canal is performed, then OP will be in pain for a few days. Edit: didn't see that Dev replied. -_-

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Maybe if you went to your appointment you wouldn't have a toothache anymore...

Maybe if you read the FML you'd know why that advice is invalid...

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What is with people making horrible and stupid comments lately? Holy ****... I hate society lately, there's no hope for the future...

It is just comment, u hate society over a comment u need to grow up

olpally 32

49- just read some more fmls and you'll see why I hate society....these are posted for the world to see and there's a lot of stupid people in the world that comment... you'll learn really quickly that the fml community doesn't tolerate stupid comments at all... Not here to argue... Just telling you how it is on here...

I've read plenty of FML comments sections and I have to say, I agree with berichsoon. First of all, people's intelligence on FML is not the same thing as people's intelligence in real life. Second of all, if you have such thin skin that you can't handle a stupid comment ON THE INTERNET, then perhaps you're too sensitive for real life. There are plenty of good things in society. A stupid comment here and there shouldn't ruin all of that. Sure I may get sort of pissed off at a comment sometimes but I get over it.

U re absolutely right, I just don't that see how people would jump straight to hating society u haven't gone through anything and u didnt see what other societies are like u living in ur lil perfect world, so u don't know how good u have it, appreciate the society u live In and stop hating

86 Your points are valid but hard to take seriously when you write like an illiterate child.

As long as u get my point that's fine with me, FYI i speak and write three different languages so I consider u an illiterate child. r u still living on the top of the dick of America

You were all right until you bring someone's nationality into this. I am not American, but these insults towards Americans due to stereotypes is just plain idiotic. know, let's insult your nation. Where do you live?

Lmao I'm an American I live in phx AZ, u'll be surprise how many Americans who can speak other languages than just English so take it easy I wasn't insulting anyone

Haha yeah if u went regularly you wouldnt have a toothache!

And if I had any insurance or any freaking money I would go regularly. Unfortunately, I don't and my fiance and I are both college students... Lol in an ideal world though, yes...

I thought people took over the counter pain meds for a toothache.

I would go out in a limb and say that it is possible you have never had a serious toothache.

Toothaches could be the most horrible pain known to mankind and I pity you!

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It's not like the world gunna end tomorrow. Or it might be Sunday.

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Its not like anyone will ever understand you.

The world is "gunna" end on Sunday. Duh! Everybody knows that.

#14 says the world might end on Sunday, so OP could possibly die with their toothache. How sad.

Yes sir, we can reschedule your appointment. Does April of 2015 sound good to you?

You got that right! Why is it that getting a dentist appt quickly is near impossible?

Haha same reason getting into the doctors takes so long. I recently had to tell them that I had been limping for a month because of hip pain before they would x-ray it. If you say it happened a week earlier they tell you to ice it and charge you >_