By satanlovesme - 30/05/2009 23:22 - United States

Today, I had a dentist appointment. While waiting, I pulled out my Cosmo magazine to entertain myself. The woman sitting across from me points and tells me I'm reading "Satan's Manual." I told her I don't believe in Satan. She said, "You'll know he's real when you become his bitch!" FML
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Ugh. I was raised Christian, and always will be, but these kind of people are what gives Christians the names they have. Wouldn't it be great if there was a world where people could co-exist, and go about as they wish? I know many Athiests, Muslims, and even a few Buddhists. They're all nice people, I could care less about who they worship, or if they do at all. But then again, I've been excommunicated from my church, supposedly for these reasons. Oh well, who cares, I refuse to join a church that discriminates.

LOL. I didn't know Satan had a manual.


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This isn't an fml. But it's funny. XD

Where's the "your life isn't ******; you're a superior human being" button? Actually, no, scratch that. You read cosmopolitan. I agree. You're ******. You poor, poor prole. Next.

LOL. I didn't know Satan had a manual.

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Hahahaha that's hilarious! Love it!

#2, it's an FML because she has to sit there and listen to the bible thumper preach.

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I hate people like that :/ I agree with #8