By cookie_lover_xx - 15/10/2015 06:24 - United States - Chandler

Today, my mom ended up having a midlife crisis. She decided it was finally time to get those tight leather pants that she has always wanted, and is now planning on putting a stripper pole in her room. FML
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CrassKal 27

Yeah. It can be good exercise, as well as good for the parents relationship (assuming there is one). Just make sure the pole is put in securely.

I ferl kind of bad for her if they really are what she's "always wanted". It's taken her this long to finally do what she wants, so definitely let her do it. At least she's not rediscovering herself at like 70+.

@20 I have no clue why you are getting downvoted

Considering the usual midlife crisis happens by spending the child's college fund or something to that effect.. I really don't see this as that bad. Unless she's planning on giving your friends a show or something.

She should be able to do whatever she wants... As long as she closes the door. I wouldn't want to witness that

There needs to be an intervention for Arizona in general. We've had some messed up FMLs in the last week. Its giving us a bad rep...

Well I guess you should start changing those twenties into ones.

SmittyJA24 26

Ones? I haven't been to a stripper bar since my oldest son reached his 21st birthday over 10 years ago & the minimum then was $5. It must be $10 by now.

@15 Pretty sure you're not required to throw koney at the strippers, so ones shoild still work.

What the hell dude, obviously you're required to pay the women.

So how does a preschool teacher know this

Are all 5 of you not taken aback by the idea of throwing money of any amount at your stripping mother?

Ask her if you can take stripping lesson together.

Encourage the dreams of others, my friend.

What if op is in high school or something, what do you expect them to do then?

Put headphones in watch a movie or listen to music and hope you don't have to witness it.

And knock on every door before you go in.

It could be worse. At least it's in the privacy of her own home

rabbi1010 29

at least its in her room and not in the living room.

pacman490 21

Am I the only one imagining the OP dressing like a crotchety old woman in protest?