By IT_4_Hire - United States
Today, I received a list of employee names who were losing their jobs and I had to remove them from the system as I work for IT. I was on the list. That's right. My last responsibility as an employee was removing myself from the system for security reasons. FML
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  kpearsall  |  0

#8 that's a good way to get sued. Not complying probably wouldn't be a great idea either. Best thing to do in a situation like that would be to talk to HR because they may actually be breaking some employment laws by telling you ahead of time that you're laid off. Especially if it's a public company.

By  Roto13  |  0

You should have found some way to use that to your advantage. When the company I used to work for outsourced my job, I sold my security card over the internet to a disgruntled customer. I don't think he ever did anything with it, though. :P

By  fyl8847  |  0

#6- if the only reason you comment is to criticize other people for commenting, then you shouldnt be on here. FTW means for the win.
OP- wow, that sucks, you shouldnt ahve deleted yourself, and you shouldve given yourself a raise. :)