By ShampooThief - 12/04/2015 03:05 - United States

Today, my family checked into a hotel for spring break. The first thing my brother did was steal all the bars of soap and bottles of shampoo. He's now guarding them, and hissing at anyone that tries to take them. I just want to take a shower. FML
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Ask housekeeping for more. Guard it with your life. Problem solved.

trellz17 19

Uhh, just take them from him, use as much force as needed.


1PersonIsMyWorld 22

Don't people bring their own shampoo and conditioner when staying at hotels?

I was about to say--I never use that shit at hotels. I take my own.

Me either.. and how old is he anyways?

xXxGraveStonexXx 20

You know, you can just go to the lobby and ask for more.

zanoty 17

Couldn't you just hit the I agree your life sucks instead of posting a comment of the exact same thing

Your profile pic sums up what I think of you right now.

I understood #2 nice try, better luck next time

oh jesus. more negativity on the internet. surprise, surprise.

Ask housekeeping for more. Guard it with your life. Problem solved.

I think Op's brother might go silence of the lambs style; it puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again

Shadowvoid 33

Well my thing here is, do you not your own shampoo and toiletries with you when you travel? Even if you fly would you not buy some when you land?

Unless you're picky about brands, idk why you'd bother packing your own when you know you're going to get it for free at the hotel.

Hotel soaps and shampoos are hard on your skin and hair and the moisturizer isn't very good nor is the conditioner. I pack my own because I'm allergic to any soap with perfume of any kind in it.

Hunthas 17

That's really odd! I guess you have to find someone to shower with ;) try the beach!

trellz17 19

Uhh, just take them from him, use as much force as needed.

clumsyninja13 21

It's called tackling...or gang up with your family :3

Hotels only give you like 2 bars of soap and a bottle each of shampoo and conditioner, maybe you should have brought your own.

He's like the Gollum of hygiene products.

Dreamsorrow93 24

Your picture is the only reason this was funny.

JMichael 25

Your brother sounds like a douce.

JMichael 25

haha simple mistake of an unused letter. I will pay my price of downvotes.

Never give in, 35! Make up a meaning for it and tell everyone you did it on purpose. You could invent a new word!

iLike2Teabag 27

douce ˈdüs adjective chiefly Scottish : sober, sedate First use: 1721

"Revved up like a douce Another runner in the night…" It's deuce. Close enough. What the hell is that song about, anyway?

Call house keeping and get some more! Your brother can't stay like that forever either! Goodluck

You can go down to the gift shop if there is one in your hotel and buy some there or just ask housekeeping for more.