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Yeah, Cali's so gay, we can't even pass the bill to allow gay marriage.. You forgot to make fun of our governor.. or are you only into old stereotypes?


I think the real question here is, did the OP suggest a threesome? Though, I think that's what the gay couple may have been suggesting..

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Maybe, just maybe, she might have wanted more than just sex with this guy. Not everyone is ready to take it up the butt for two guys just like that. Just sayin'...


I guess you two gals will be lonely for the rest of your lives, considerig only gay men are gpod looking. You could go for a sex change though, you shall be missed, joans of arc.

There'll always be an other. You don't deserve it, because, sometimes you just can't tell. Maybe you shouldn't put so much into it next time. Try subtlety.

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