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Pelt him back with your shit!

Few seconds late for that one buddy, now it's time we pelt you with thumbs downs.


I want snow..

Whoops? Really?

I read that wrong, My apologies.


Youre the worst kind of commenter because you want to be first so bad that you don't even make any sense

He snowed you.

Mort, he apologized. @22

Happy snowing!!!

Tis' the season to be jolly...

FALalalala la la la la

Dawn we now our GAAAAY apparel...

Gotta love America.. F*** yeah!!

Or maybe "Happy-Dumping-Him-Head-First into-a-Snow-Pile!"?

or happy sleeping in the snow tonight?

Or happy just shut up everyone you fail

74- You have no Christmas spirit :'(

Lol that's a fun & funny way to play. You guys must have a sweet relationship. Congrats!

Don't eat the yellow snow?

This is how the Civil War started.... Lee didn't know what hit him

Lock the door next time? jeez

'Tis the season!

To be jolly! xD

Fe le la la la - le la la la!!

Fa la la la la la la la?

But what about thanksgiving?

To be jolly Deck the bathrooms wit tons of snowballys

'tis november and 108 your profile picture is gawgeous

I was gonna say that!!

Pelt him back with your shit!


What a crappy situation!

No 68, this comment = awesome!

Nahh that's nasty

Your face is nasty. *crawls back under rock before being forever pelted with harsh comments by the FML family*

118, pelted by snowballs and shit, not harsh comments

Girls do too poop!! how else do you wanna explain two girls one cup?

ha ha a Cleveland reference that's awesome

75- you punny person, you!

You should have pelted him....with poop.

Few seconds late for that one buddy, now it's time we pelt you with thumbs downs.

Thats harsh...... I LIKE IT!

Both posts are at the same time so they are just unlucky.

49- they were posted at the same time. No need for you, smart ass.

49 is still right though, he was a few seconds too late so no need for you..GET OUT!

105- "smart ass" is one word, smartass.

132- asshole is one word, asshole

75 is a failure

Nows the perfect time to go make a yellow snowball

Or a brown one

6- is that a G36C? In ur pic

Or a green one...

54- thxs for a smartass remark and what makes u think I have CoD? What if ik the gun??

I'm confused, 54. Are you saying it isn't a G36c? It certainly looks like one. *Shrug* Anyway, just because someone knows or pretends to know something about firearms doesn't make them a CoD gamer... I know a bit about firearms and the like but I don't play CoD. I'm just interested in that kind of thing.

All of your arguments are moot. All he did was ask for Christ's sake. And it doesn't have to be one way or the other. I've shot with German army AND I've play cod. There's no difference if he's just asking if it is.

It is a G36c. #54, you're a dick. Just because someone recognized a weapon and asked what it was doesn't mean you can assume they play Modern Warfare 1 or 3. You have the mentality of a youtube commenter who are assholes to people who recognize weapons from games. Please don't be an asshole.

This thread has just made me regret having a gun license, and an Xbox.

Or a shitball

Yea it is a H&K G36c

There's no escape. D:

Lock the door next time?

Well... considering that my bathroom doesn't have a lock, her bathroom might not, either.

You should totally invest in one. I could see if you lived by yourself but don't you want atleast a little privacy?

Next time keep the door closed..?

That's some Cold Hearted shit!!