By SoSoRachel - 31/10/2012 21:03 - United States - Dunlap

Today, while giving a speech at work, I started sneezing. After what seemed to be the last sneeze, I went on talking. Apparently it wasn't, and I blew out my eardrum. FML
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I just see it coming.. someone is bound to say, "that blows."

Everyone nose that pun already


I just see it coming.. someone is bound to say, "that blows."

Everyone nose that pun already

Yeah, its snot funny anymore...

Year right it's not funny anymore.

That's mucus it's already out.

Huh? What did you say? I didn't quite hear you, #1

ozone9914 2

i shower naked

#34: I think that's the standard procedure for showering. Try showering in a river next.

That blows... Someone needed to say it for her

Inheritance 10

I ear you loud and clear #1

1-I like your username

Stop the druma. Sorry, I'll leave now.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

A popped eardrum isn't something to sneeze at. I h(ear) it can be quite painful.

imavelociraptor 6

Guys! Stop with the puns already! It's snot funny anymore. Everyone nose that these things give people headaches. I can feel the pounding in my ears!

That's one hell of a sneeze, hope you're ok :)

Well I think they may or may not have had their ear blown out. So probably on the not-so-okay side. Sherlock skills +1.

A blown ear drum does not mean the OP isn't okay. Sherlock skills +1

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

You guys are dumbasses +2

X_Codes 11

I've done this before, after I had an ear infection resolve itself the hard way. I winced just reading this FML. On the bright side, OP, you could very well have a damn good reason to get some damn fine happy pills from a doctor, now.

no they are drumasses

pedosmurf 7

Haha you blew yourself

Bieber tried guys. Still dumb as hell

pedosmurf 7

Well I couldn't agree more

Jokes like these don't fly here on FML. Learned that the hard way a while back.

Kill yourself.

Well, at least now you have a reason to get off of work.

blcksocks 19

What if OP loves his job?

At the price of bleeding out his ear...

really sorry though, OP. isn't your fault. hope youre okay!

wow your really pretty :p

Was it really necessary to trample down on some one for genuinely emphasizing with OP and hoping for their well being? Please reassess your thoughts towards the comment in which I am replying to.

no thank you. i'm fine. realize i'm not the only one who said I hope they're okay. so you reassess your comment and move on with an another smart ass remark to something else. thank you.

Icejza_DaChilla 7

I did not know that was even possible... That sounds painful FYL OP.

Many years ago, our teacher sneezed in class and his eyes sort of popped out. Not like pop out bouncy spring kind of pop out but just wasn't fully in the eye socket. He had to be sent to the hospital immediately. He's fine now though.

fylx100 19

You guys are going to make me afraid of sneezing.

this is a thing??? Omg; I sneeze all the time.

At least you didn't have to hold it in. I creaking hate that feeling, when you have to sneeze but you can't.

Yes, because that feeling is so much worse than blowing an ear drum. (/sarcasm)

My comment was sarcasm. Sorry if I didn't make that clear:(

You certainly have a knack of getting thumbed down 8.

It often has little to nothing to do with her comment and everything to do with her username and profile pic.

29, I bet you'd feel really shitty if I told you that she loves JB because she has cancer and JB visited her in the hospital once just to give her courage and brighten her day. Oh, btw, according to Lauren in a past comment, it's true. Just FYI.

Every time she comments This happens, stop judging her on her name/picture. I have respect for her that she still comments, after some of the stuff people have said to her

29, so not having filled in my profile makes me stupid? Great logic there. Also for the record I was jus making an observation.

I agree, 39. I used to harass Hanson Brothers fans. I was in third grade at the time. People need to grow the **** up and get over the fact that Justin Beiber fans exist.

I'm sorry, 41, but I have to point out that 29 was talking about 8 before someone meaner than I does.

Nordrag, She's 14. That's what 14 year olds do. So what's your excuse for being so immature? No one cares how you feel, or that you categorize the dedication of an online profile as idolization. Now get lost.

I misread it it 47. He's still a dick though.

You have a bieber picture as your profile, get out.

67, you are a dick. Get out.

67, you're obviously new here. Show your hate via private message, the rest of us don't care for it. If they don't respond, then DON'T be a dick.

68 - 67 may or may not have a dick but I really doubt that he's a dick himself. Also if you didn't know yet that anyone pro-bieber gets dissed and shit on here on FML, you need to get on more, or gtfo. Also, I don't even read bieber ***** comments, not solely because of bieber but also because he's most likely as intelligent as him, which is to say not at all.

I love how often, when someone gets thumbed down into oblivion, they come back and say that they meant it "sarcastically."

Oh, God, not this shit again. The mods deleted the last thread of Lauren bashing. Yes, Lauren loves Justin Beiber. She's not exactly new here, and every time she comments some ass hole has to insult her because of her JB fandom. That shit's getting old. Do you know why Lauren loves Justin Beiber? Because he visited her in the hospital to brighten her day and give her courage when she was receiving treatment for her cancer. She explained that on another occasion when people were harassing her on here. Back in the day I used to harass Hanson Brothers fans. I was in third grade, though. What's your excuse? Grow the **** up, people.

I love how your ear drums haven't blown out after listening to all that Just Bieber.

gmc_blossom 21

I'm still stuck on "creaking." It must be some weird Justin Bieber slang I'm unaware of.

74, I love how you are a bitch to someone with their music preference. I don't like Justin either but if they like him that's fine I respect that. I don't judge people by what music they listen to.

83 - The Irony. It burns.

trellz17 19

That sounds kind of painful. FYL, hope there's no lasting damage.

If you forget part of your speech, start babbling. You have the perfect excuse now so just tell them you can't hear yourself.

KiddNYC1O 20

Now you can project your voice more for a strong speech.