By nocostumeforme - Canada
Today, I excitedly checked the mail to see if my Halloween costume finally arrived. It didn't. I live in an isolated city, so finding a costume by any other means than the Internet was impossible. I spent over $100 for a costume that I won't even get to wear this year. FML
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  ohSNAPyall  |  26

You could dress as static cling. Use safety pins to make things cling to your clothes. You can attract dryer sheets and unpaired socks, maybe the occasional washcloth. Tease your hair up.


YDI for spending $100 on a fucking Halloween costume. If you were gonna blow that much money already, then why didn't you just go ahead and throw down another $12 for express shipping?

  VeganVampyre  |  26

Actually, 31- Hallowe'en is one of the most important Wiccan/pagan holidays of the year, and it is not at all stupid. If you want the most stupid day of the year, try Christmas. At least Hallowe'en has some real meaning (and fun!) beyond the commercial "buy everyone you know a bunch of useless, expensive, crap just because that's what you're supposed to do" theme of so-called Christmas. *Mini-rant over. Thank you*

  VeganVampyre  |  26

121- that's only your opinion. Hallowe'en is not meaningless at all to pagans. However, the christian version of Christmas is, since we don't worship jesus or celebrate anything on the 25th of December. So you really can't just say any holiday is stupid because you don't know what it means. They all have a reason and a meaning to someone, it just depends on what you choose to believe in.

  Enslaved  |  36

A lot of people also have Halloween parties on the weekend vs Monday. I had one yesterday.

Wear a Hefty garbage bag on your head and go as white trash. JK that sucks! Most costumes are pretty expensive.

By  VeganVampyre  |  26

1- I can't believe there wouldn't be a single store close enough to go to that sells costumes.
2- if you know you can't get one anywhere but online, you should have ordered it earlier.
3- why can't you wear a costume from an earlier year or make one with whatever clothes/stuff you have?

  DeviousAngel  |  13

1. There probably are stores. But have you seen the quality of Walmart costumes?

2. It takes longer than expected for shipping sometimes. Maybe it's later than it should be.

3. The FML is probably more about the money wasted than having no costume.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

1) Okay, since for me the main point is dressing up, I was going on the assumption that any costume is better than none if they can't get the one they ordered/ don't want to order because the shipping sucks.
2) I know shipping can take longer than expected, but OP would probably have dealt with this before, and so should have thought to order it way early, like in the summer. Plus, Hallowe'en costumes are way cheaper in summer. You can get great deals on stuff when you buy out of season.
3) the money is not wasted, they can wear the expensive costume next year. So again, I figured the issue had to be the lack of a costume (they did say "that I won't get to wear THIS YEAR") as well as disappointment, obviously. But they can wear something else this year and look forward to having a great costume ready for next year.

By  dead_rock  |  3

be a serial killer just carry a cereal box around with a plastic knife in it then splatter some red paint on it. you can use the "dead" cereal box as your candy bag too.. but bring an extra bag incase the box gets too full