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  Comedie  |  0

It depends on OP's age. Maybe she is really young and didn't have alcohol...
There's always at least one guy when there's alcohol.. Well usually.

  TobyFunke  |  3

160$ on alcohol is a lot for a party, its common knowledge that if you are throwing a party, you are providing people a place to bug out and get crazy and have a good time. You need to supply a bit of hard stuff and some beer to keep the party alive, but any group of people that come to a party should bring some alcohol to drink unless told they don't need to bring anything.

If a group of people come to a party with nothing, they're cheap tools

  Mikki4321  |  0

You must have a lot of money that $160 isn't that much. When I throw a party, I'll probably won't spend more than €50 euro; buy some snacks, beer, maybe strong liquor and let people bring their own drinks. I'm not a fricking millionaire. Or even a... thousandaire.