By halloweenless - 01/11/2010 13:14 - United States

Today, I spent over $160 and 2 hours preparing for a Halloween party I was throwing. The only person who showed up was my sister, who helped me decorate. FML
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Oh shut up. First is not something to be proud of. Not thread jacking, my phone won't let me post a comment; only comment a comment. ugh. OP. you must be really unpopular...

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it was only $160. I doubt any of that was spen on atleast some cheesy

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it was only $160. I doubt any of that was spen on atleast some cheesy

Honestly, that's not much at all for a party.. Not even if that was all just for alcohol.. :x

It depends on OP's age. Maybe she is really young and didn't have alcohol... There's always at least one guy when there's alcohol.. Well usually.

160$ on alcohol is a lot for a party, its common knowledge that if you are throwing a party, you are providing people a place to bug out and get crazy and have a good time. You need to supply a bit of hard stuff and some beer to keep the party alive, but any group of people that come to a party should bring some alcohol to drink unless told they don't need to bring anything. If a group of people come to a party with nothing, they're cheap tools

True, it does depend on age.. But I guess my friends and I drink too much when we have slightly larger get together :x

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Keep that up katgurl, it'll get you places... >.>

lol well i haven't drank in forever, so I know that I'm light weight again :[ ruining my training for my 21st...

You must have a lot of money that $160 isn't that much. When I throw a party, I'll probably won't spend more than €50 euro; buy some snacks, beer, maybe strong liquor and let people bring their own drinks. I'm not a fricking millionaire. Or even a... thousandaire.

I bet you either have “Friends” that don't like you, or you didn't have booze. No booze, you loose!

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It's a shame that you used the wrong word to make a smart remark... It would be "lose". It's safe to say that you FAIL.

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You drink booze, you get loose? Although that doesn't rhyme like the other.

You're one of those insanely annoying people that actually thinks deep down inside that everyone loves you, we don't, please stop.

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