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By OhLovely - 01/11/2012 01:39 - Canada - Mississauga

Today, I found out that my over-controlling parents would be moving in next door. I'm almost 23, and moved 5,365 km away to get away from them. FML
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I can tell you really wanted to get away from them because you counted the exact number of kilometres.


Oooh. Fast and Hard. I like the way you think.

She already did. It didn't work. Next best solution. Kill them.. Or op just had to accept the fact that she is stuck with her parents

Or OP can just not do what they tell her. They've got no right to make her do anything, but I see how annoying it would be to have them bug her about it even though she won't obey them. OP I feel bad for you. If you can't peacefully coexist and they don't let you do your own thing, just do what the other commenters said and run.

It is time to move away. I wouldn't be able to live with them being my neighbor.

I think a restraining order would suffice.

it may only work as far as non-direct contact in this case....what's the judge going to do? forbid the parents from yelling next door or force the parents to move? I doubt it.

I can tell you really wanted to get away from them because you counted the exact number of kilometres.

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Just a little over 3333 miles away, so basically half away across the globe. OP was determined!

Yeah, OP is surely cursed. I wouldn't have any problem selling my new house to get away from my parents if they moved in next to me.

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I hate to be the no-fun fact checker, but the earth is 24,000 miles around. 3,333 miles is roughly Anchorage, AK to Denver, CO :)

OP probably moved from BC or Alberta to Ontario.

3333 miles is across the US or 3/4 of the way across Canada

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66 that was my first perspective but I wasn't sure if I was correct. By saying half way across the world seems more dramatic.

Move further east and don't contact your parents.

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I bet the neighbors know your name. Lol.

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I bet other people will know what 3 did there 18.

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It didn't make sense to me until #18 put it into context for me and I had to read it twice to get it. But yeah, good one #3 :)

Serves you right, you free-loading Canadian.

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Well, time to get a new job at your old home town then maybe? that sucks mate, good luck on getting out of there!

Tell them you moved again. And make up the address!

If OP just tells them he/she moved, it's going to be pretty hard to hide from them since they live next door.

38- OP said the parents were moving. I believe # 6 means for OP to tell them a different address in hopes they'll go there instead. OP would still have to move, though. I'm sure the parents would figure it out and come looking...

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My thoughts exactly! Even though it's only half accurate.

Why was a post bashing Canadians taken down? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

Maybe you are their one and only child. 2 options. Find another place or invest in more locks. Always remember to lock your doors.

My mom did the same thing I moved 100 miles away an she followed me so I moved almost 1000 miles away this time I really hope she don't follow me again.

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If my mom did that to me I would be pissed. I would move away again.

10, I moved 4,000 miles away and my parents have never attempted to move to be near me, even though they once lived in my city that I've been calling home for so long now. Win!