By Andrew7847 - United States - Fort Worth

Bad hair day

Today, I discovered I have really bad dandruff. I learned this when I went indoor mini golfing and my whole upper body lit up like a Christmas tree underneath the black light. Among my friends I'm now known as the abominable snowman. FML
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  stevenJB  |  25

We call our friend snowman cuz of all his dandruff. It's freaking gross that he
Makes it snow on his desk and doesn't give a shit. *shutter*

  Pudagiah  |  12

Sorry to hear it, OP. Dandruff can be a really embarrassing thing! I hop your friends understand it's not your fault. Good luck with treating it!

  iheartstewie7  |  5

^ Lol 87
But dandruff does not mean you're dirty. Dandruff is just dead skin cells from your scalp. So you should use a moisturizing shampoo and rub in circular motions :)

  jedielf  |  23

He's probably blonde, and by that, I don't mean he's dumb. Or he could have grey or white hair. Dandruff is really hard to see on a person with light-coloured hair, hence the abundance of people with black hair in Head and Shoulders ads.

  itsame0987  |  18

It's not always a hygiene factor, op could have dandruff for several other reasons.

Op fyl, invest in some head and shoulders, or even better some Selsun Blue. Google how to get rid of dandruff, and read WebMD on the best way to treat it. Good luck, and know that some people are just unfortunate enough to have serious dandruff problems.

  The_Hitdude  |  12

Pretty sure they're trying to get rid of the "druffiness". So in their opinion it'd be a win-win, but I guess in yours it'd be a win-lose?

Like flaunting that 'druff, don't you?

  KatrinaKitten  |  16

Head and Shoulders actually causes your scalp to become dependent upon it to the extent that without it, dandruff worsens. OP, I wouldn't recommend that. Moisturize your scalp more and try to stop itching. Most cases of dry flakes are misdiagnosed as dandruff.

By  angelk12  |  6

Watch out everyone! The abdominal snowman's on the loose! Terrorizing mini golf courses everywhere! Weapon of choice? Anti-dandruff shampoos! Stay alert everyone. Stay alert.

  SkoomaKi  |  27

Zya I love your profile picture! On-topic - A shower a day should be enough to get rid of dandruff. But some people have it really bad, so it depends on the person.

  micahsmommy  |  13

Not all dandruff is from oily scalps. It's common to find people who use over the counter hair dying kits frequently to have excessively dry scalps and get flakes. OP could actually need a conditioning treatment for the scalp and a moisturizing shampoo.