By emilyhendrix0414 - 28/09/2012 10:53 - United States

Today, my 5-year-old, overweight Siberian Husky tackled me because he thought that my lipstick was food. FML
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The owner must be a little husky too since dogs follow their owners

Fun fact: lipstick is made of animal fat that cannot be used for food.

These dog jokes are getting to be too much.

I have two Siberians. I sympathize with your experience. They always seem intrigued with things in your hand - regardless if it's food or not! They ate my television remote once. *facepalm*.

jackdaniels23 1

I could see my dog doing that lol

Yah one time I bought subway and put my sub on the dash, got out of truck talked to some one for 2 minutes. Come back to see my dog eating half my footlong. Dogs are ruthless they see anything it's fair game!

loserboii 11

"hey i wonder what's that in his mouth... and it's gone!"

ozone9914 2

you think thats bad you should have a cat to see how IRRITATING they are

bRower 3

85- I have to disagree. When my cats try to take my food, I find it endearing. Odd.

That's mostly true when they are hungry. :)

perdix 29

Yes he was referring to the FML with the Great Dane who ran at the dog sitter when he got his pizza delivered lol.

I have a over weight husky too. His name is Juno. Sorry OP that sucks.

Kallian_fml 21

People who admit their dogs are fat should really DO something about it. Animals shouldn't be overweight, it's cruel.

Maybe you and op should get off fml and walk your dogs. I have two proper weighted Siberian huskies.

I'd talk to the vet about putting him on a diet. They make special foods for overweight dogs. You could also have his thyroid checked, but I doubt that's the problem.

littlesister67 0

It's prescription food by purina called OM (overweight management). One of my dogs has to stay on it. Works very well.

Overweight Management food: Tastes bad, son dog doesn't want it!

Don't get Iams they test their products on cats/dogs they are cruel to them. Plus younger dogs that eat Iams have a higher risk of skin cancer. This has all been proven. Google it.

Oh no, they give dog food to dogs! THE HORROR

Not like that. They lock them up in cages were they stay 24-7 never get out they live in their own waste.

KiiwiiRox 6

Be glad that's the only stick it went after ;)

LilLube 2

Considering OP was using lipstick I doubt SHE has this other stick you are referring to.

Also, OPs name is Emily. Unless I'm from another planet Emily is a females name.

KiiwiiRox 6

My dog grabbed my girlfriends ***** once. I know she's a female -_-

That's disgusting that she had a ***** out where the dog could get it.

69- Way to (ass)ume, dogs can get into a lot. They're pretty smart. She may have put it where she thought a dog couldn't get at it.

Things like that should go into extra precaution that kids and animals do not get into. Usually a locked drawer or on the shelf of a closet. It's still pretty disgusting that it happened.

Better than your overweight lipstick attacking a poor Husky.

dogs learn their behaviors from their owners...

RougeRamirez 8

Are you saying OP attacks people that have lipstick?

xk75 4

There are no bad dogs, only bad owners! So maybe the op does indiscriminately Hoover food and non food alike...

Is it small? Does it have a cosmetic smell to it? Yes? In a dog's mind: Smelly and small enough for mouth = food!