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  christyxbee  |  15

I have two Siberians. I sympathize with your experience. They always seem intrigued with things in your hand - regardless if it's food or not! They ate my television remote once. *facepalm*.

  bones_17  |  5

Yah one time I bought subway and put my sub on the dash, got out of truck talked to some one for 2 minutes. Come back to see my dog eating half my footlong. Dogs are ruthless they see anything it's fair game!

By  evilplatypus  |  38

I'd talk to the vet about putting him on a diet. They make special foods for overweight dogs. You could also have his thyroid checked, but I doubt that's the problem.

  Ajwc101  |  24

Don't get Iams they test their products on cats/dogs they are cruel to them. Plus younger dogs that eat Iams have a higher risk of skin cancer. This has all been proven. Google it.

  chellyX92  |  8

Things like that should go into extra precaution that kids and animals do not get into. Usually a locked drawer or on the shelf of a closet. It's still pretty disgusting that it happened.