By f*ck - 02/05/2012 16:22 - United States

Today, I had a date with the girl I've been interested in for months. I'm pretty laid-back and casual with my friends, which backfired and caused the date to end with a slap, when I greeted her with a friendly "S'up, slut?" FML
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Unless you are close friends I see no way in which that is appropriate. YDI


roshae_16 11

Oh wow

What ever happened to gentleman? They seem very rare these days.

How could you possibly think that it be appropriate to greet someone that you probably don't know very well like that?

OP - S'up dumbass. Oh don't worry, I'm just being casual.

30. Look in the friend zone.

aaahhhfire21 0

Why the would you think that's a good idea to say that if u were interested in her for real you prolly shoulda tryed a better greeting then sup and instead of **** I'm sure her name woulda definitely deserved that slap


Like how doesn't he deserve that?!

I call my boyfriend a ****, but we've been dating for a long time. It would've been okay if u called her that after dating for a long time and not in front of your friends.

X_Codes 11

No, not the friendzone. The friendzone implies they're still friends.

That was to 61 the iPhone app won't let me edit right now

S'up **** isn't very friendly.

tjv3 10

You deserve it for being a disrespectful bastard

Why are people thumbing up "Oh Wow" as a comment?

125- because that's what we were all thinking.

Why did you have to say ****

On the first date, while she doesn't know you very well - let alone what kind of sense of humor you have - this isn't the kind of greeting she would be expecting at all. YDI OP.

ifoundalaska 11

It's a shame vulgar and rude is the new friendly these days for some folks... I prefer to stick with the classic "Hello, how are you?"

OHai15 12

You deserved it, twinkle douche.

I could possibly see how you would call her **** if you banged her on the first date...but to greet her that way! That does not work well.

You clearly have no idea what laid back and casual means. You might even be retarded, you should get checked.

83- how could your boyfriend, be a ****?

297 I just call him like that as a joke. I know he can't be a ****.

pickles2b2 4


How is this an FML? This is just a "look at me, I'm a huge asshole" kinda post.

You really are quite the charmer.

You mean that line doesn't work? Damn I've been using it for years.

Your life totally sucks, I mean, I don't even see how you deserve that after calling her a ****, calling someone a **** shows your.. Um... "charisma"..?..-.-

OP definitely deserved that one... Treat her like a lady not a ****!!

What a "douche bag" wannabe... Seriously, you suck with women. PERIOD

Unless you are close friends I see no way in which that is appropriate. YDI

Even if you were close friends it's still not a good idea!

201 - I don't see a problem if they had been close friends. My friends (both guys and girls) greet each other this way. No one is insulted because they all know one another well and understand the humor behind it. :)

You ******* stupid op? What did you expect??

Cuppycakeslol 4

Clearly op is an intelligent individual and quite the charmer. A true gentleman. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

Even an idiot have that much of common sense not to say that on first date.

Not an idiot, a poet. Who else could have come up with such enamoring and loving diction to describe such an unmatched level of respect and value?

This must be like a new record for shortest relationship ever

fantastamazing 10

I'm gonna go with "yes"

Y the hell would u say that!? Being causal with friends is not a a reason

Wicked361 8

Am I the only one bothered with the Y instead of why?

jasmine1259 2

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Wicked361 8

163- I'm not a grammar Nazi... But c'mon if 7 is gonna type a whole sentence perfectly except the why then what is the point... e.e

ZippandButtons 7

It's really not that hard to lrn2englsh to at least, like, a 3rd grade level.

168 - "A whole sentence perfectly"? Seriously? (Sorry if you were being sarcastic.)

Looking back at it, yes lol

That's to wicked361's comment

amandajlucas2015 2

Actually his whole sentence has grammar errors soooo maybe learn actual grammar before just bitching about something

148: picture/ comment win!

*past. Not pass. (: stop complaining. Way worse things happen in life other than grammar nazis.

nancyschmancy 9

I was thinking the same thing. The only thing perfect about that sentence was a capital on the first word and a period at the end. I for one love that people correct the horrible short cuts people take when posting online. How hard is it to type "you" and "are"?

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What is wrong with you

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No it wouldn't.

9- you're 14 years old. Stop acting like a smartass

Your acting like my mom. Get a life.

If your mother still talks to you in this way, you can't exactly be telling other people to get a life~

A friendly "sup ****?" I wonder what you call her when you get mad.... nvm no I don't.