By Anonymous - United States
Today, I discovered that I sometimes talk in my sleep. After spending an amazing, perfectly romantic night with my boyfriend, I woke up to him telling me to leave. I have no idea what I could have said. He still won't talk to me. FML
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  Codezlol  |  21

Wait so he told you you said something in your sleep? But he never gave details and just kicked you out of his house? You were asleep... He's a pretty inconsiderate person by the sounds of it.

  Smokohauntas  |  3

72 - I don't know why but I feel as if her boyfriend could have made it up... By the sounds of it she has never been told before that she sleep-talks, and he didn't say what she "said".

  Hershey903  |  5

It wasn't about her sleep talking. Turns out he's a secret alchemist, who has been
working on the formula for a rare disease called Shemitesleeptalc. Won't go into details. Not important. Well, he was working early in the morning, and he accidently put the sulfur in with the rest of the prototype antidote, and it started bubbling up! Reactions came over him, and he dropped the bottle. The formula started growing and growing and growing! He knew what would happen, and woke up OP, told her to leave. The chemical grew into a gigantic blob, and is attacking the city. Now OP is living with her parents in a small suberb just south of Sacremento. While OP's boyfriend and the Military are trying to take down the Gigantic Blob-Monster. Oh the horror! *hides behind couch*


That depends on what she said. Some people talk very clearly in their sleep. mher boyfriend might not realize that she was talking in her sleep and could be very upset. A week might be the perfect amount of time.