Sleepless in Longfield

By sleepingonmydesk - 29/06/2015 09:28 - United Kingdom - Longfield

Today, after not being able to sleep for two hours because my boyfriend wouldn't stop talking, he fell asleep and I was left wide awake. I listened to him snore for another three hours and only got a couple of hours sleep. He's not working today, but I am. FML
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I recommend some Redbull to get you though the day. Also, why didn't you tell your boyfriend to shut the **** up?

you're gonna need lots of coffee op


Oh that sucks OP. That always happens to me.

You could've been honest and told your boyfriend you needed sleep and maybe could've done something about his snoring with a home remedy or earplugs. Good luck staying awake Op

I understand OP. My girlfriend talking in her sleep and says real things like "How was your day honey?" So I respond only to hear her mumble a respond and start snoring. Then 10 minutes later same thing.

FML community reply: Break-up

She could have slept on the couch that night, and explained why she did so when asked. Invest in some earplugs next time OP.

ZombieVampirez 24

My bf tends to snore right in my ear. All you gotta do is shake him awake and say hey, shut your snoring ass up or move over. It normally works. I always get about 5 hours of sleep though. Good luck OP

you're gonna need lots of coffee op

Gaernem 17

Coffee makes me sleepy ):

I often had the same issue when I had someone stay over, they always kept me awake and they didn't have to get up early. I just don't have anyone stay over or go to anyone's for the night on a work night.

That might not be an option, they could live together. I live with my boyfriend and every now and then he'll do something that either wakes me up or keeps me up, and I don't have the option of not having him there. I just deal with the lack of sleep that day.

kittykat1501 31

That's horrible. I know the feeling. I can never sleep

I recommend some Redbull to get you though the day. Also, why didn't you tell your boyfriend to shut the **** up?

Chronic talkers don't necessarily understand what this concept of shutting up is or how one goes about doing it. X(

There are better ways of asking someone to be quiet whithout being mean, ass face.

Should've told him you had to work or told him to be considerate and gone to aleep

Kick him out of the bed and onto the couch! My fiancé prefers to sleep on our couch and let me have the bed

Sounds like a promising future for that marriage.

You're engaged at 17?

#8 Why don't you sleep on the couch, Princess?

JustinJK 21

2 jobs and living with a fiance at 17. hmm

people are acting like it's impossible to have 2 jobs and live with a fiance at 17 At 16 I lived out of home worked 2 jobs to put myself through night school and my partner moved in with me soon after. you don't know if they had been dating for years or what (my cousins are engaged and they've been dating since 13) I'm not saying that's how it is, I'm just saying it's possible

I feel you on that today. My boyfriend wouldn't let me sleep at all and I'm working 7 to 1 today and I have so much laundry, cleaning, and packing to do :/

nonsensical 26

cool story bro

Zzzquil is your friend

Hope you can get some sleep soon! That is the worst.