By djkimmaz - United Kingdom
  Today, my mom, who is relatively new to Facebook, posted on her friend's wall, telling her about her recent diagnosis of vaginal thrush. She assumed that her wall post was private. Six of my friends liked the post. FML
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  Shrike  |  22

^ You don't use Facebook do you? Privacy settings are wide open by default, so if OP commented on the post or one of OP's friends was friends with the mom and liked the status, people would see it in their news feed then be able to like it themselves. Pretty simple.

  13FMYLIFE  |  0

To people who don't get why younger people don't like our parents being on Facebook- ever had your parents write on your wall or comment on statuses that you write? And when your status is just something you say jokingly and your parents are the only ones that take it seriously?

  J0gby  |  0

i think it's more embarassing that his friends friended his mom on facebook. or they took the liberty to search her up and stalk her statuses.