By djkimmaz - 03/12/2011 11:23 - United Kingdom

Today, my mom, who is relatively new to Facebook, posted on her friend's wall, telling her about her recent diagnosis of vaginal thrush. She assumed that her wall post was private. Six of my friends liked the post. FML
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RebekahBrooke 9

Teach her. For your own sake.

I think this is more of an FHL. Poor mom, that's really embarrassing!


RebekahBrooke 9

Teach her. For your own sake.

UrCapsLockOn 12

hate mums with FB ...

Ouch! Teach yo mama about Facebook!

We all know how you feel, OP.

UrCapsLocksOn - I hate insolent children who expect parents to have no social lives.

My dad's more Facebook savvy than me. He's got 800 friends and I don't even have a Facebook.

kuges 0


TheCarChanel 0

Why are your friends friends with your mom on FB

I'm confused with this fml. How did op's friends see a post made by her mom on her mom's friends wall..?

^ You don't use Facebook do you? Privacy settings are wide open by default, so if OP commented on the post or one of OP's friends was friends with the mom and liked the status, people would see it in their news feed then be able to like it themselves. Pretty simple.

leogirl95 12

Why would your friends like that post? Sorry, that's just weird. Get different friends.

jab7769 8

Because chances are op mom doesn't have privacy settings and I bet op friends with other friends


To people who don't get why younger people don't like our parents being on Facebook- ever had your parents write on your wall or comment on statuses that you write? And when your status is just something you say jokingly and your parents are the only ones that take it seriously?

Fuck your Dad's life.

RebekahBrooke 9

misspelled insults are only insults to your own intelligence.

Poetaster 10

Um..why not?

who said anything about not having a social lif?

Hey, I just visited your profile. I guess that makes me a stalker. Lol

You're hot lol!

Hey you how do you message people? Your cute

yareens80 3

Nowadays, my mom is the only person who ever posts on my FaceBook wall.

Thats embarassing but we all have parents and life will go on :)

2- I thought you were Iamnotmyself for a sec. I was disappointed.

i think it's more embarassing that his friends friended his mom on facebook. or they took the liberty to search her up and stalk her statuses.

78- my friends are friends with my mom. they come over all the time, my mom always feeds them and calls them "her marching band children"

tpm45 25

Waiting for a FML from mom now...

I think this is more of an FHL. Poor mom, that's really embarrassing!

Op has some strange friends for liking that. :p

I'd say that mom deserves it for using things she doesn't understand and thinking there's privacy on facebook.

I feel really bad for OP's mom. That's not the type of wall post you can follow up by saying "oh just kidding!"

FYL for you AND your mom. That's embarrassing..

No! Don't fuck the mom! She has thrush!!! D:

The OP has thrush, not the mom. The mom for some odd reason was talking about her daughter's thrush with a friend

kayliebm 0

Read it again. It's the mother; not OP.

how did it go?

For both of you're sakes teach her O_o

how to dougie.

Alex94xela 0

Nah how to plank

I'm terrible at Language Arts...

interesting friends you have..

I wonder why ops friends are her friends too.

gothhottie 5

FHL big time. Teach her quick!!

Umm Awkward...