By fourfootnine - 07/03/2011 13:47 - United States

Today, I discovered that I'm short enough to be legally considered a midget. My daughter now wants to bring me to school for show and tell. FML
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well don't disappoint the kid. you should dance around and sing a song too.

That's a little insensitive of your daughter. You'll feel better shortly, though there's a small chance I'm wrong.


congratulations on accomplishing nothing.

haha how didn't u find out befor?? fyl

Looks like OP got the short end of the stick.

Looks like OP got the short end of the stick.

lmfao wow i was thinking the same thing

i didnt know there we illegal midgets

Yes there most definitely are. Like the one who mugged that guy a few days ago.


so is my mom op. it's called being Asian.

Come on, OP! It'll be fun! You'll probably fit right in!

that's what she said. Seriously though, there is nothing wrong with being short. You can walk through small doors, ride the kids rides, and when it comes to "play" time, no kneeling for you

Oh, and also get on the bus for free!!

There is a difference between midget and dwarf. You are legally considered a midget if you are 4'0" or shorter and a dwarf at 4'11" and shorter. However, the FML does not state how tall this person is. So you can't really say its a lie if you don't have all the facts. Nice try though.

and if you are going by her username, that's not a solid fact either. I could make my username QueenofFrance if I wanted.

omg #79 Ur hilarious!!:)))

79 I read "DEY CUM IN HUR" and thought "so THAT'S how that got in my hair!"

hey Jmatx? I like that pic. Did you just find the pic somewhere or did u make it? I want to know how to do that.

Rofl it sounds like you wont enjoy six flag ^_^

well don't disappoint the kid. you should dance around and sing a song too.

Not to mention wear something from the set of "Willow" while you're at it.

Not to mention wear something from the set of "Willow" while you're at it.

like an oompa loompa

69 I LOVE that movie!

she can sing we represent the lolipop kids XD

You're 4 feet 9 inches? Yay then I'm taller than you. ^^

Me too! :D I'm one of the shortest people in my year lol but it doesn't bother me at the slightest! OP this is just something you have to live with, if it bothers you that much then just wear some heels to add on that extra height but there's nothing wrong with being 4"9

I'm taller too :)

but it is fun to wreck smaller girls! (no shorter than 5" tho :/)

wow 14 aren't you classy...-_-

I'd say he's short on class.

just saying small girls are fun too! how tall you are isn't a huge attraction some guys have preferences but other than that it's no biggy! small is nice

I'm just saying that bring small is nice! for some guys it's a huge attractive quality! I like small 5-5"3 usually. but really height isn't a huge deal!

haha im 5'5":) buttttttt I'm 13 so ithink that would be illegal...;):) lmao:)

Sorry about my previous comment. I accidentally hit 'send' prematurely.   But 62: We know you're 13! You've already mentioned it under 6's comment! Why do you repeat yourself so much? This is the second FML, that I've seen, that you've said the same thing twice. 

I know right!! and why the f are 13 year old kids on this's no wonder why people are so fucked up now and days..there is some pretty mature stuff on this sight.. just saying..

Just like your picture haha

Hummm I wonder if the kids in her class are taller than you.

4 foot 9 inches your allowed to be considered a dwarf LOL

I'm 6'4. what does that make me?

That makes you a douche.

The first thing you should know is that the word midget is like the word nigger. Only use it if you are one. Since you are... you're free to drop the M bomb.

Well, let her tuck you under her arm and take you!

I walked into my daughter's elementary school and a group of 6th graders walked past me. They were all taller than me.