By lemonchips - Norway
Today, in class I was teaching 6 year olds about the difference between short and tall, and I asked them how they could see that I was shorter than the other teacher. One of them raised their hand and said it was because I'm fatter. FML
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  OysterPearls  |  33

Ain't that the truth. Yesterday, while in a crowded store, my 7 year old sister said quite loudly, "Daddy, you're the perfect weight. Sister, you're a bit skinny. Mommy, you're fat."

But the most important thing to remember is that fat and beautiful are not mutually exclusive.

  NicH1799  |  20

#24 Yeah, they aren't. As long as you also recognize that it's not a healthy lifestyle to be overweight (I'm not a skinny little rail myself don't crucify me SJWs). Also, being overweight will cause the beauty you had to fade faster.