By lemonchips - 12/10/2015 21:28 - Norway

Today, in class I was teaching 6 year olds about the difference between short and tall, and I asked them how they could see that I was shorter than the other teacher. One of them raised their hand and said it was because I'm fatter. FML
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Kids speak the truth without worrying how it makes others feel

Kids say the darnedest things!


Kids say the darnedest things!

psychopolarbear 28

No worries, op. Being shorter can make people appear to be heavier than others. You might actually weigh less than the teacher ^-^

Absolutely!!! 6'0" 200lbs vs 5'2" 190 lbs we sure makin her fellin better...

I actually think we'd be about the same size if I was a bit taller.

Kids speak the truth without worrying how it makes others feel

Ain't that the truth. Yesterday, while in a crowded store, my 7 year old sister said quite loudly, "Daddy, you're the perfect weight. Sister, you're a bit skinny. Mommy, you're fat." But the most important thing to remember is that fat and beautiful are not mutually exclusive.

#24 Yeah, they aren't. As long as you also recognize that it's not a healthy lifestyle to be overweight (I'm not a skinny little rail myself don't crucify me SJWs). Also, being overweight will cause the beauty you had to fade faster.

zeffra13 31

Apparently they also don't worry about it being relevant to the question.

This kid a pure bred savage

This would be a good time to teach them about manners as well.

Kids certainly are masters of awkward comments.

Like they say, it'd be difficult to kidnap you. It's alright OP. I'm sure you're pretty!

where did they say that

At least you know that they tell it like it is

They're six. Don't worry about their opinion.

Also fattER doesn't necessarily mean fat.

Well are you?

We all know kids don't have a filter and can unintentionally be rude, what's your excuse?

I would say he didn't know better but I think that's pushing it