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Today, I realized that while I've been the same minuscule height for the past five years, my feet won't stop growing. I'm 5 foot and a size 12. I look like a clown. FML
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You know what they say about big feet ;)

There is no scientific proof to support that theory.

There's no scientific proof that big feet = big dick. But, lots of the girls I've met in school and so forth seem to think there is. So it may not be true but it certainly can't hurt. Haha.

what they say is big feet big ears, then you must have a big thing. otherwise u ugly. if this is true imagine dumbo

That's what I was wondering. And it's an overwhelming number that's saying this. 0.o

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They be saying "Damn, you got some big feet!"

Big lower arms. They're generally the same length. Your wrist to your elbow usually equals your foot length.

Take advantage and try out for the hobbit films?

C'mon I never get to tell jokes let me have my out dated moment!

for the record that was remarkably clever :)

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#10 they will always be making those hobbit films!

I feel like penguin would be a more suitable and awesome comparison. But FYL op.

I have the same problem don't worry, you're not alone!

Well bright side. People enjoy the circus :)

But not necessarily clowns. Some people are rather terrified of them. I am one of said people...

Real talk people who enjoy clowns are the strange ones

Op can then have fun terrifying people.

I think this is a genuine concern. Have your hands, jaw and brow continued to grow too?

Aw! That really sucks! I wear a 10 women's, but am 5'8". I feel like a hulk at times and feel a tad envious at girls with size 6 or 7.

I'm 6' and wear a womens size 11. My mum and sister both wear 7/8 and call my shoes flippers. It is a real pain in the butt to shop for shoes - most stores stock up to size 10. I feel your pain!

I am the same height and shore size as you. It's the worst when there's a super cute pair of shoes and it's only in the smaller sizes. However at least our feet are proportionate to our height, poor op would look like a hobbit.

I know how you feel!! I'm 5'5 and wear an 11 WIDE! My feet are weird. Bigger in the front, smaller in the back. And look like they're a size 6 or 7. >.

I don't know how you manage that.. I'm an 8 and I can rarely find shoes that fit me. Finding women's size 10 must be a nightmare. I'm so sorry.