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  onlychildFTW  |  33

There's no scientific proof that big feet = big dick. But, lots of the girls I've met in school and so forth seem to think there is. So it may not be true but it certainly can't hurt. Haha.

  Angel1000168  |  16

I'm 6' and wear a womens size 11. My mum and sister both wear 7/8 and call my shoes flippers.

It is a real pain in the butt to shop for shoes - most stores stock up to size 10. I feel your pain!


I am the same height and shore size as you. It's the worst when there's a super cute pair of shoes and it's only in the smaller sizes. However at least our feet are proportionate to our height, poor op would look like a hobbit.

  T1A2Z3  |  34

I don't know how you manage that.. I'm an 8 and I can rarely find shoes that fit me. Finding women's size 10 must be a nightmare. I'm so sorry.