By Anonymous - 02/04/2009 16:14 - United Kingdom

Today, I got my long hair cut in a short pixie cut. When my five year old daughter saw me she laughed and proclaimed 'You look just like a man!'. That afternoon I got a concerned call from the school. My daughter has told everyone 'mummy has gone away, I now have two daddies!' FML
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Lotus_Eater 0

You should cut your little girl's hair just like yours. :P

Must be a Catholic school.


truslide 0

1st LOL kids these days

Hahaha that's hilarious sorry.

Sucks for you ]x

Ooh, that's embarrassing xP. I can see how that would be a reason for the school to call home haha...

I totally agree but I think they meant more along the lines of, mom's missing, and someone else just took her place.

Lotus_Eater 0

You should cut your little girl's hair just like yours. :P

hahaha is the new daddy hot? :p

UnCensoredBitch 0

Haha! Kids are so mean! I agree with #5!

You don't have to make another comment to tell that you're agreeing with #5. There are other ways to do that

omglolydi 0

So... I'm guessing you look better with longer hair...

honestly, children's gender constancy at that age is still developing, so she might really believe that cutting your hair short changed you from a woman to a man! sad that she had to announce it at school though, hahaha.

truslide 0

was the school more concerned that mummy has "gone away" or that your child has two dads?