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By  egaonogenki  |  0

I'm 6'0", but knew a 14-year-old who was about 6'7" (or was it 6'5"?) I would take that as a compliment as I'd want to look younger.

(But it's best if they say, "There's a high schooler in this bar!")

On the other hand, if a bar bouncer starts not to check my ID, then that's a passive insult to how old I look.

By  Shownis182  |  0

Haha this is funny, the same thing happened to me in a bar, except for I was extra drunk and a little person like ran across the front of me and I went "AHHHHHH", I dont why , but I think its funny . haha .

By  girlnamedkris  |  0

Oh for the love of god! USING THE WORD 'PROCEEDED' DOES NOT MAKE YOU SOUND SMARTER OR MAKE THIS FUNNIER. Freaking everyone uses it in their FML's for some dumb reason, but what's worse is that it is used inappropriately. Learn English. It may have been funny once, but as with all things funny, it doesn't become more humorous with repetition. You're beating a dead horse here. Jesus.

  Sushimomo  |  0

Isn't the defanition of proceeded to go from one thing to another? If so, it's right. The first event was going to the bar then they proceeded to get waisted. One event to the next.

  stonessm  |  2

*Wasted* *definition* I find it truly humorous when people try to correct someone else's grammar and end up failing worse than the person they were correcting