By thenotsomanlyman - 07/03/2011 16:17 - United States

Today, I flipped out when I saw a centipede. I screamed, very loudly and in a very high voice. My girlfriend came into the room, stomped on it, picked it up and threw it in the trashcan. I apologized to her for the scene and all she said was, "I'm used to it." FML
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Be glad you have a caring girlfriend

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I am embarrassed for your gf


Be glad you have a caring girlfriend

no kidding. I'm the same with spiders haha

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centipedes are poisonous, and they can kill you

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centipedes and spiders r so cool! how can u be afraid of them? lol XD

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I'm sensing your a bit of a bitch

Centipedes are ******* scary. One day I was taking a tinkle on the toilet. And guess what I see? Oh, a centipede! Without putting on my undergarments and pants, I scurried out of the bathroom, hyperventilating. I feel your pain OP!

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#89 You sure that wasnt just your penis you saw :p haha

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#100 that is a fuggen epic win to you!! xD

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I am embarrassed for your gf

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Yes. He should just give her his man card.

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Does he even have that card?

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Am I the only one wondering if it was a centipede or a millipede? Gosh look what college has done to me!

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lol yes! Subphylum Myriapoda

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considering the OP is in the US, I would guess it is a scutigeramorpha centipede. millipedes don't venture into houses, and scutigeramorpha thrive in basements.

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lmao. OP sounds like my husband with spiders xD

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My boyfriend is the same way!

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that's exactly how I react when I see a cockroach. and my boyfriend can't understand why I am deathly afraid of them. He hates waking up in the night to my loud screams from where I "felt" a cockroach crawling on me.

i feel your pain. i'm afraid of clowns.

I'm certain you can't understand why you're afraid of them.

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Actually the physiology behind it is that some people naturally don't trust people, and clowns seem tooooo nice. So its usually the sceptical people that find clowns scary.

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#26 freaking AWESOME turtle XD

Animeninja117 2

51, I'm guessing the word you were looking for was psychology (science of mind and behaviors), rather than physiology (the science of the mechanical, physical, bioelectrical functions of living systems). We got the gist though =]

I feel ya. I'm deathly afraid of them too. I always have a can of raid with me at ALL times :P

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I woulda said I was having a screaming contest with it. xD

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Looks like someone needs to MAN up! How is yur own girlfriend less afraid of an insect than yu are. That's so shameful!

your girlfriend has more balls than you do