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  bamrd  |  4

It's a really old wive's tale that states that coffee stunts your growth. According to another wive's tale coffee also makes your toenails turn black and fall off. Apparently coffee was seen as dangerous by mothers in the past. I think that #2 is making light of the silliness of those tales, rather than being serious about coffee having any powers against human growth plates.

  Mauskau  |  35

I'm 20 and I'm 4'11. Today I went shopping with a girl who was 6ft and it was so helpful to have her there, for some reason the smaller sizes are on the top shelf!

By  emma1441  |  7

That's okay, I have a friend in 8th grade and she's only 4'6". You only grow until you're like you're supposed to be, you just didn't take as long as the others did ?

  kirkaygri  |  18

Actually, there are medical conditions that cause you to stop growing too soon. My daughter has an adrenal insufficiency that makes her 4 ft 6 in at the age of seven and she might not hit 5 ft as her adult height. Without the AI, her projected height would have only been 5 ft 3 but it would have been nice for her to get all her inches in. I tell her to learn to taylor.