By twnty1 - 31/05/2010 15:43 - United States

Today, I discovered that I'm allergic to band-aids. I now have a band-aid shaped rash around a tiny cut on my leg. Oh the irony. FML
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Marakara 0

A band-aid making your condition worse? That is a textbook example of situational irony. Quit being douchebags, especially when you're wrong.

yarbles 3

put some alcohol on that bitch and move on


xthetisx 0

thats dumb just put something to cover it not necessarily a band-aid

it was a tiny scratch though, you don't really need anything to cover it.

Ummm, dude... Your bee is looking at me....

lovehurtz7 0

wait, r u really twenty1.? nd this is ur first time using a band-aid.?

No, it's a bee. I know them, damn ******...

yarbles 3

put some alcohol on that bitch and move on

TOADified 0

same thing happened to me a few days ago! its going away. smells bad

xGet_Over_It 0

Oops, thats's not ironic. Try again.

Thank you, glad to see I'm not the only one that knows the definition of irony.

i think some people need to go back to middle school. agreed.

JonathanRawr 0

'tis ironic: something which was supposed to help the affected area has in fact made it worse.

thank you for being the logical voice here.

yes all the people saying that this situation is not ironic at all need to go pick up a dictionary and read an example of irony... *cough* *cough* #25