By paytonallyce - 03/10/2016 02:32 - United States - Springfield

Today, I got a bug bite on my boob. I scratched it so much it started bleeding so I put a bandaid on it. Turns out the band-aid had latex in it and I got an allergic reaction to it. The bug bite is still bleeding and the top half of my boob is swollen. FML
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Get a bug to bite the other boob to even out your organic boob job.

Women will do anything for larger breasts.


Im sure theres a mosquito bite boob joke in there somewhere, but i cant find it, so instead i'll just wonder why this is a fml? Now if ahe got an infection, or had a wasp sting her, this MIGHT be an fml.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the next sighting on your internet safari- the troll! Researches are unable to determine if they are actually idiots or merely act that way to attract prey, so maintaining a safe distance is recommended. Keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times.

In my defense, i was sleep deprived, and have been known to be dumb. Fortunately, im now on trollnomore, which is a hell of a drug.

Get a bug to bite the other boob to even out your organic boob job.

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organic boob!!! hahahahaha I love this.

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Women will do anything for larger breasts.

Maybe now your boss will give you that raise you've been working towards... though bug bites weren't bad enough on their own. You poor thing. I hope it heals up soon.

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Now to find another mosquito to at least even It out

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Damn, even a bug got more action than I have within the past year!

I guess that's one way to make your boobs bigger

Apply band aides until you reach your desired cup size- could work wonders- Dolly Parton top and Kardashian bottom- sorry OP that bites