By bitty - 11/01/2011 14:45 - United States

Today, some construction workers kept going in and out the door next to my cubicle. They decided it would be easier to just prop the door open for the next hour. It's 20 degrees outside, and I'm wearing a dress. FML
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You need to keep them abreast of your condition. I suspect you've already made two points about how cold it is that should stand up well to scrutiny. They probably just can't put their finger on them. OK, I'm done.


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wow that sucks your fault for wearing a dress to work. try putting some more close on next time.

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Close? You're close... it's clothes.

I imagine when she picked the outfit she didn't expect construction workers to be leaving open the door by her cubicle. It is usually perfectly fine to be in a dress if you know that you are going to be inside a, presumably, heated building all day. The few minutes that it takes a person to cross a parking lot to their car is not usually so bad as to cause major problems.

stop complaining and just shut the damn door!

So, I have this philosophy about females and cold weather when me and my friends go out.. "If it's 40 or below, and your in a skirt? your a dedicated hoe." maybe you should change your attire up a bit ehh?? whether if it's for class or the club, I believe it's a little too cold for a dress ma'am..

has anyone thought that maybe op is talking in degrees celsius?

Why would she be complaining if its 20°C and shes wearing a dress. 20° isnt cold

72- I'm a girl and have live in the North East my entire life. Today it was maybe 34 degrees and I wore a strapless dress because I was meeting up with my cousin who I have not seen in a while and I wanted to look nice. But since we are talking about theory's I have one about guys. If a guy is judging a girls clothing based on weather and how that reflects on their personality then that guy is probably a 30 something year old douche living with his parents. Oh look at that you for right into that category :-)

Smart as that is, the comment was made in the from the US so while it could be in celsius it is less likely

Put your coat on? And if they're going to be back tomorrow I suggest you put on a little more clothes.

man that sucks. but why are u wearing a dress if it's that cold out ? y kinda di

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um, how about because she works inside and didn't know there was going to be any construction workers there who would open the door? wow think a little.

Walking to one's car or from the car into a building doesn't generally take long enough that wearing a dress in cold weather is going to be a major issue. You don't dress for short in between times, you dress for wear you are spending the majority of your time. Also you have no right to call anyone and idiot if you are going to do things like type "walkin", "ur", or "goin".

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Well, exactly. You should not have worn a dress if it is that cold out.

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"Twenty degrees outside", "I'm wearing a dress." Hmmmm... I'm going to have to pull out my thinking chair for this one. /Sarcasm

I'm assuming the building was heated considering it was cold out, or maybe she wanted to look nice for work

Wow, you're wearing a dress, I really can't see how you could solve this amazing problem.

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her username is bitty as well, which is a nickname for breast feeding in England

why would you wear a dress when it's freezing outside?

that's not cold at all I live in Canada and it's been 13 degrees I've been wearing shorts.

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how sad that wearing a dress constitutes you calling a stranger the office ****. pathetic

With all the layoffs most companies have had, I bet there's an open cubicle somewhere in your office away from the open door. Why don't you ask your supervisor if you can move for the day. If nothing is available, ask your supervisor what can be done to rectify this situation. If you sup isn't as brainless and heartless as a tin lion, she/he should have a workable solution for you.

The lion had no courage if you want heart and brains you need a tin scarecrow.

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20 degrees is pretty warm, what's the problem?

20 degrees is room temp - although in farenheight it's cold-ish. Although -7 ain't bad either considering where I'm from we got huuuuge piles of snow and -25 degrees. :(