By simugeek - United States - Gotha
Today, my mother gave me hell for my "video game addiction". The "game" in question? A professional flight simulator program that I'm using to complement my flight school lessons. FML
simugeek tells us more :
Just 16 and starting my career very early because I love it!
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  prostar9993  |  15

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  devildog562  |  33

You have to understand some people here don't understand common sense things like irony, puns, sarcasm , etc- I enjoyed your wittiness . ! Plus one a a internet cookie sir!


For some reason, probably because it's really late and I'm tired, I read the FML as 'fight' instead of 'flight' so this whole thing confused me until I had to revise to the FML again. I then face-palmed at my stupidity.

  Arkajion  |  14

Parents of the previous generation(s) are less understanding of our pervasive admiration of virtual games. They can't relate to it, so naturally they can't see why our generation finds so much satisfaction from it. Every video game has a benefit, but that doesn't really convince parents. So no, she will not "surely" understand. She may, possibly, have a minimal understanding.