By irony - 16/08/2009 07:05 - United States

Today, I got a paper cut while opening my box of Band-Aids. FML
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Shock98 0

oh the irony. i highly doubt your life is fucked though...

Ouch. Hope it wasn't big enough to need one of them.


Ouch. Hope it wasn't big enough to need one of them.

I think ydi for using band aids.

nam3 0

the box is made of cardboard how do u get a paper cut from that

americayay 0

HahaYDI 0

This is one of those moments we need a "...okay then what happened" button

KiSsKiZzy 0

I think that's why it's a FML

cherrypieguy 0

i call fake

wickeddrummajor 0

its irony

americayay 0

Lol. It got moderated before because of how I worded it, but I think you're looking for mylifeisaverage, not fmylife.

UnicornsDoExist 0

wasnt this on mlia? lol

HahaYDI 0

104 just gave us proof this is fake, I mean how often does that really happen

It's happened to me

It's not fake, it can really happen. My friend did that before.

redbeater 5


haha thats wat I was wondering

ydi for using sissy stickers!


The irony is so thick, you could cut it with a... box

Nice pony picture :3

then you open the band aid and use it. how's this an fml i don't understand. just a cut.

yaintime21 0

hahhahah short n sweet. one of the better fmls.

Newb. YDI for needing to use one.

yup. moderators should reject these lame fmls.

oh, didn't you hear? MLIA now means My Life Is Awesome. If you've read any submissions lately...

dude you totally missed the irony

Ironic and plausible, but a stupid FML. Walk it off woman.

ya, this is more like a MLIA (mylifeisaverage)

pingpong dj she di because of how ironic it was dumbass

Shock98 0

oh the irony. i highly doubt your life is fucked though...

i giggked though, thats more than any other other fml

DoomJeff91 2

Maybe the box had AIDS.


It is fucked up.. He now has 2 cuts Spode to 1.

Aimskool 10

Haha! Thats amazing. I actually laughed while reading this. :)

it's a dumb cut why if your life fked cos you got a cut?

MacintoshDima 0

Wow fail. :P

while hilarious, there's no way this is an fml.

philly8608 0

Hope the paramedics were able to stop the bleeding before the cold hands of death reached you. Since when did minor inconveniences become indictors that life is f'ed? Seriously OP you got a papercut, get over it.

fieldhockyluva24 4

No her life isn't really fucked. That's why it is an expression! Stop taking it so damn literal.

philly8608 0

Oh really? Her life really isn't literally fucked? Thanks for clearing that up. Here I thought that FML stood was a way of saying something bad or embarrassing happened to you. The OP's paper cut barely moves the needle of the "bad shit happened to me" detector from "normal" to "wow, your life must be pretty good if this is it fucked." Is this is an FML then stuff like "Today, I got a cold. It was 85 degrees outside." also qualify.

whatever is up your ass, philly, needs to be checked on.

Entity4Infinity 0

im trying to figure out how this got on the site?

rhenerlau 17

It's about the irony of the whole thing...trying to put a bandage on a cut, getting another cut in the process.

I'm pretty sure anyone who has the time to post on FML doesn't actually have a fucked life.