By Anonymous - 22/04/2013 18:42 - United States - Lebanon

Today, I found out that I am allergic to one of the preservatives that they put in aloe. I found this out after I put some on a severe sunburn I have. Not only am I sunburned, but now I am severely itchy as well. FML
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That sounds se-vera-ly inconvenient for you, OP.

Sir_ND_Pity 35

I'll aloe this pun to slide this time, Pleo.


That sounds se-vera-ly inconvenient for you, OP.

Sir_ND_Pity 35

I'll aloe this pun to slide this time, Pleo.

Icy hot this could be a major inconvenience.

I have some cream if you want it to slide better, Sir ND Pity.

These threads have sometimes Bengay, sounds like that's where this is headed.

Sir_ND_Pity 35

I like when it slides better ;-)


Aloe me to Vera-fy all of the information presented in this thread.

That is such a painful combination D:

Try putting something cold/cool on the affected area? That should reduce the itching and the burn

Comet_Candy 23

Oh nooo! That definitely sucks, OP... Why not try the actual plant?

rg350dx 29

Skin the plant and rub it on the burn. It really helps. I have some in my backyard, it's awfully convenient.

It makes a great houseplant, too.

Comet_Candy 23

Distilled vinegar has cooling properties, so you can also try that. Cool black tea bags (I use earl grey when I get sun burns) will also help a lot.

How does OP know that it is a preservative that she is allergic to? Many people are allergic to aloe itself.

rg350dx 29

Because its specifically stated in the FML OP is allergic to a preservative in the aloe product.

BellaBelle_fml 23

49 - You do raise a good point. Perhaps she has very sensitive skin and has already ran into some problems with other products in the past? So she already knows that she has a problem with some preservatives. If she has a severe sunburn it's likely that she has a fair complexion, just like I do. I have very temperamental skin, some preservatives irritate my skin, while others don't. It's sort of a gamble when trying new products. But hey, there's no way we can know unless the OP makes an appearance to clarify.

Itch that mofo anyway!

You mean scratch I hope... Anyway, that would just make OP's allergic reaction worse, I suppose!

Could just be the sunburn though.

Try itching cream.

Let's hope OP's not allergic to that too!

BellaBelle_fml 23

I don't know for sure, but that just sounds like it would sting on a sunburn. Unless it were calamine lotion.

Shortay123 14

The more you know. Now you won't do it again and can learn from your mistake. Remain optimistic (: A good attitude can help you through anything (:

ApollosMyth 22

It's hard to have a good attitude while misserable though

A good attitude doesn't help stop an allergic reaction, and allergic reactions cause utter misery. It's kind of like telling someone to cheer up because they're still alive despite having been beaten to within an inch of their existence and still suffering from it. It's trite. :(

oj101 33

Don't worry OP. There are many, non preservative, non aloe vera aftersuns available.

Or OP can just invest in an Aloe Vera plant. Then cut the leaves & squeeze the Aloe Vera fluid out & apply it that way.

challan 19

Take a cold shower (if you know the tea trick use that) then take two Benadryl and go to sleep, op.

And what is the tea trick?

challan 19

Boil water. In a large bowl place several tea bags. pour the water in the bowl and let the tea steap. After a few minutes add a large quantity of ice. Take a wash cloth and soak it in the tea. Place the rag on your sunburn. The cold tea rag sucks the burn from your skin. The rag will get warm as the burn comes out. Re-wet the rag, over and over and repeat. Your skin will still be red, but the pain will be removed and the pealing will be drastically less, if you peal at all.

BellaBelle_fml 23

I've never heard of the tea trick before. It sounds like it would feel amazing on a sunburn. I will definitely have to remember this if I have a sunburn in the future. Thanks for the tip!

Thanks for tip, I will have to try that!

challan 19

You are both very welcome. It's helped my family for years.

I'm really sorry OP. I hope you somehow get through it. Good luck